Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story – Book Review

Written by: Phil Szostak
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
Format: Hardcover, 256 pages

Movie art books are important. They offer an immersive and sometimes intimate look into the creative process which results in what we see on screen when we go to the movies. They are a chance to taste all the ingredients that are thrown into the final product. Needless to say, there are certain expectations when picking up an art book for any film in the Star Wars saga. Luckily, The Art of Solo: a Star Wars Story does not disappoint

It is difficult for a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy to pick up an art book these days. With the shoes of Ralph McQuarrie to fill, all other attempts seem to fall short. However, as you flip through The Art of Solo... pages filled with the sketches and renderings of Iain McCaig, who brought Star Wars concept art into a new era with the prequels, you'll again rejoice in the influence that one master transferred to another.
In one of the forwards,  James Clyne lovingly compares this book to the treasure that is The Empire Strikes Back Sketchbook (one of my personal favorites). While I am not sure I quite agree with that, I can certainly give credit to the abundance of detail dripping from every page in The Art of Solo... In the beginning, author and Lucasfilm Creative Art Manager Phil Szostak offers a “Who's Who” of every crew and creative team member as well as an in-depth background into the character of Han Solo. What follows is a rainbow of characters and scenery, weapons and ships, and detailed accounts of the thought and craft behind each.
Now that the movie is on Blu-Ray and DVD, I will have to go back for another viewing of Solo: A Star Wars Story with a greater appreciation for the care and artistry that went into filmmaking. As moviegoers and, indeed, people, it is important that we get to know more than what we see on the surface. If you are a Star Wars fan who is somewhat jaded by the mass production of all these new movies, I recommend picking up the art books for some hope and comfort. There is still a lot of love there.

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