The Mego Corp reached out to AFJ and asked if we would like to interview the company's founder. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to Marty Abrams. Yet, we thought, instead of us asking the questions we would put it out to our community, who we affectionately call the Junkies, we would have them ask what they wanted to know about the new Mego line. A monster-sized thanks to Marty for allowing us this chance! #AFJ4LIFE

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Joseph L. Diekhoff: Are we getting the entire Bundy family (from Married with Children)?
Marty Abrams: We would like to expand on the Bundy Family line and eventually have the entire family.
FYI - Kelly Bundy is in Wave 2 (pictured below), out now!
Nick Phillips: Dracula seems to be one of the more successful recent releases. Any chance that we see other Bela Lugosi characters? Or perhaps a Vincent Price release?
Marty Abrams: Yes, we are currently working on all of the above for future waves.
FYI - Frankenstein's Monster is in Wave 2 (pictured below), out now!
Johnny Cisco: Are we going to finally get the Greatest American Hero figures that never made it out last time? Please say yes.
Marty Abrams: I don’t believe we have anything in the works for this at the moment.
Christopher J Midyette: Will they ever make a Tupac figure a Notorious BIG figure a Kurt Cobain figure and KISS figures?
Marty Abrams:  Big is out.  Tupac is a maybe.  Not sure on Kurt.  Notorious BIG  is not a character we are pursuing at this time. Tupac and Kurt Cobain figures are possibilities; however, we are still deciding, nothing has been confirmed. There is a KISS Mego figure which was released in wave 2’s recent launch at Target...
Parker Wayne: Hey Marty, any chance we can get Smokey and the Bandit and Magnum PI?
Marty Abrams: We will certainly conduct some market research on this.
Richard Ruiz Thanks for making the 70s awesome!
Marty Abrams: Back at you!
FYI - Original 1970's Mego releases (pictured below).
Justin Amaral: Will we see any Star Trek: The Animated Series figures? Such as Arex?
Marty Abrams: Not yet, we are looking into it.
Kevin Cimino: I would just like to know what series are going to have more than just the one (especially the Charmed series).
Marty Abrams: Upcoming waves will build on the character lineups from each series.
FYI - Phoebe Halliwell (pictured below), out now!
Steven Cocchiola: If MEGO gets the opportunity to make more KISS figures, will we see The Fox: Eric Carr and The Ankh Warrior: Vinnie Vincent?
Marty Abrams: This sounds like something we might want to pursue – we still have many plans in the works.
Steven Cocchiola: For the TV line, what about a Saturday Night Live (SNL) line? Can be characters from every decade.
Marty Abrams: Yes, this is very possible.
Sal Rodriguez: Will we see a Mr. Roarke and Tattoo from Fantasy Island?
Marty Abrams: Unfortunately not – we don’t have any plans for this on our radar.
Steve Blackburn: How complete are your licenses, such as Star Trek? As in, can/will you complete the lineups?
Marty Abrams: We are pretty close to completing the lineups. We have numerous Star Trek figures launched already, with more to come.

David Deeds:  Will we see more WGSH (World's Greatest Super Heroes)? I would love to see the line include characters such as Hellboy, Spawn, or other publishers characters, though the "superhero" tagline might have to go because of the trademark of that term owned jointly by DC and Marvel.
Marty Abrams: Hey, you guys are up to speed. Me too, we are trying our best on this.

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