For many Marvel toy fans, one question keeps coming back up when they look at the new Avengers: Infinity War line up of Thor figures: What’s going on with his eye? Some figures feature the eye patch that we see in the trailers and all the promotional material, while some have a two-eyed Hemsworth with a scar.

The main difference between these two sets of Thor figures, other than the obvious, is the accessories, specifically whether he has a sword or his new ax, Stormbreaker. Noticeable in the juxtaposition of the two Titan Hero Series Thors for Infinity War: eye patch Thor comes with the sword and scar Thor comes with Stormbreaker. This distinction is visible in all of the Hasbro Thor figures for Avengers: Infinity War: the Marvel Legends Groot/Rocket/Thor 3 pack, wave two Avengers Thor, and the Thor Hero Vision figure. Every Stormbreaker-wielding son-of-an-Odin has a new eye.

Infinity-War-Marvel-Legends-Toys-R-Us-3-Pack-Groot-Thor-RocketThor Marvel Legends
The only exception to the rule is Sideshow’s 1/6th scale collectible figure of Thor (set to release in January of 2019), which shows Thor wielding his new weapon. It looks like this moment is the one we see in the trailer of Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy where Thor channels lightning through the room, and where Thor is doing something with that machine. Theories have been circulating that this is where Thor may create his Stormbreaker, and I think this is where Thor will get his new eye. While this could just be an issue of inconsistency between brands, my theory is that through the creation process Thor will be healed.


It’s clear that Thor will get his eye back in the new movie, based on an article by Vanity Fair from last year, and all the action figures, but the how is still a question with many answers. You have my theory above, but could it be that Rocket makes a new eye for him? Or does Doctor Strange use the time stone to fix him? While Thor with an eye patch is cool (read the Thor: God of Thunder run by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic, it’s awesome), what do you think is going on with Thor’s eye? Sound off in the comments, Junkies!

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