Avengers Marvel Legends Wave 3 Unboxing and Thanos BAF

To commemorate the release of Avengers: Endgame, AFJ unboxed Wave 3 of the Avengers Marvel Legends. We decided to review them and build the new Thanos in one sitting (45:18). We did this via our Facebook Group, which is why you hearing us talking to people not present. This wave included Captain America (1:37), CitizenV (8:01), Ebony Maw (13:23), Nighthawk (18:04), Living Laser (24:04), Hercules (30:53), and Ronin (37:03). A special thanks to Hasbro for sending us a complete case! #AFJ4LIFE

Thanks Hasbro for giving us the complete Wave 3 of Avengers: Marvel Legends. 

Order the figures individually from Hasbro Pulse or the entire wave here from Entertainment Earth!

AFJ Set Photo: 

Official Hasbro Images:

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