I love me a good old EntertainmentEarth.com Exclusive! To tie in with the mega-AVENGERS sequel, these goodies just arrived at AFJ's affable and inappropriately dressed for company's door. Take that FedEx! I have to admit that when it comes to figures, I am a leave the accessories guy at the door so the TITAN HERO SERIES from HASBRO has been right up my alley from the start. There is something for both fans, the kids and a grown-up kid who should have moved out long ago. This time EE packs a double whammy with a two-fisted two-fer; IRON MAN & HAWKEYE. Well, really, it is part of IRON MAN's ill-fated "Iron Legion" that we see briefly in the movie. I actually really dug this armor and was happy that a deluxe sized model is now in my hands. Complete with electronics and a "beam blaster," this is a gotta have for the IRON JUNKIE! The cool, sleek, blue and white armor shines now on my wall along with the cool, little electronic doodad. The HAWKEYE I am especially fond of because not only is he my favorite AVENGER, but he comes with a really cool and epic compound bow that actually cocks back and works with other heroes in the TITAN series. A nice touch by EntertainmentEarth. All in all, not a bad day at the AFJ HQ and I am happy to add some exclusivity to my TITAN wall of heroes. Now my HULKBUSTER TITAN has something to smash thanks to the IRON LEGION (Insert evil laugh here)!! Thanks to Bethany & Audrey @EntertainmentEarth!! **AVAILABLE ON ENTERTAINMENTEARTH.COM FOR JUST $37.99!!**

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