The Batman figure designs of the hit Warner Bros. Interactive/Rocksteady Studios video game continue and why not start on the beautiful temptress of the Joker, Harley Quinn. This is one sweet set and I am not just talking about her chest. This version of Harley definitely looks a little more (or as much as she can) female in her newest plastic iteration. I was looking forward to this Harley giving Dr. Quinn a little more of a  girlish look and it does not disappoint. One thing is for certain, Harley looks like she has returned to Arkham to fight. I point to her bat, knife and signature jack in the box for that reasoning. The mold of the comely blonde is beautiful even if some of her features could be made a little more, I don't know, feminish. Sometimes more is good when it comes to Harley and her face seems saddened like the way Jerry Hall's did in Burton's '89 Batman opus. Her face looks ready to crack and I guess I just see Harley as more of the Michelle Pfeiffer CATWOMAN skipping rope around her whip. Bottom line: Harley needs to look a little more fun. Or at least maniacal.

HARLEY QUINNThe figure is gorgeous to look at in general, but it has looked like the same Arkham Harley's we have been getting for the past few years which kind of bummed me out. I like that she has some solid articulation specifically in the arms, hands, and knees. I would have liked to have seen a mallet over a bat bit I guess villains' tools of destruction will vary as things escalate even in the video game world. All in all, I am glad that I paid under $20 for this figure because I am really not that impressed because being the sole female figure in the world of Arkham baddies can both be a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that it's Harley and we love her, but a curse in that nothing ever seems to change with Dr. Quinnzel. The more I see these same boring looks of HQ, the more I hope that they make a figure of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in the upcoming SUICIDE SQUAD film.


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