Let's face it, SCARECROW was not always the super-cool villain of the Bat-world. However, 2005's BATMAN BEGINS redefined the mythos of the character and mix that in with the Arkham world of gaming and you have one sick mix. SCARECROW in the new ARKHAM KNIGHT wave of figures is clearly the big winner. At 7-inches tall, this bad guy is just all kinds of badassery in one awesome figure for Junkies delight. The stylish sculpting and attention to detail are what captured my eye the most and I absolutely loved the tiny extras that were thrown in for the figure. SCARECROW looks to be the ecological terrorist that Gotham City has been dreading and it flat out works. No more just burlap mask over the face, this dude looks flat out crazy with his assortment of masks and massively damaged body.

He comes with an alternate head that will make you recall that famous painting "the scream" that gets parodied so much. Except this one looks scary. The SCARECROW has what appears to be a  bevy of bombs filled with noxious gases around his neck with a barely working breathing apparatus around supporting his air-filtration system. His costume looks to be have been put together by Michelle Pfeiffer's Selina Kyle with its wild stitching and the added accouterments of having both arm and leg braces making the SCARECROW look that much more formidable. The added articulation definitely work in favor of this character and give the figure a more pallid and gimpy Ultron-ish look like when he is building himself in the mega-sequel to the AVENGERS. SCARECROW has the uncanny ability to look like a wild eco-terrorist and a Gotham bad guy ready to take on James Gordon and company and if it should happen, the Bat himself. He's not afraid, he is a doctor after all! And he knows what you fear, what we all fear. That is to say, the night...

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