This year, today is Batman Day. Yes, all over the country people will be donning capes and cowls in honor of Batman. We here at AFJ have been celebrating all year long with our #Batman80 Column (seen HERE). Our head Batman writer, Rick Alaia, will be penning more Batman pieces coming in October (hint, it has something to do with a long Halloween). We decide to dedicate this week's toy commercial column to Batman. We did one already this year (seen HERE), so we decided to open it and cover a wide variety of items. Case in point is our first one which ran on the Batman (1989) VHS. Enjoy, Junkies! #LongLiveTheBat

Opening to Batman 1989 VHS
This was your lead in on that Video Cassette. It brings backs so many memories. 

Batman and Robin Bat Coders
Ah... Mego. It's amazing how a few stickers can make all the difference. 

Imaginext Batman Transforming Batcave
Why would Batman keep the Joker locked up in his secret lair? Then again, it would be better than Arkham. 

SEGA's The Adventures of Batman & Robin Commercial (1994)

Zellers Batman Commercial (1989)
The animation here is amazing. I don't remember Zellers though. 

Batman Forever McDonalds Commercial 
Was it worth Warner Bros. to destory Tim Burton's vision to sell Happy Meals and glass mugs? Sorry, still angry about this movie and the fourth one. 

Batman: The Animated Series Action Figures (2015)
This was made by DC Collectibles for their incredible toy line! 

"Dirty Crooks" - Batman Lava Soap
We knew we wanted to include something from the 1966 series... but soap? Wow. 

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm - VHS Commercial (1994)
The best Batman film... EVER. 

Batman - 60' Batmobile Toy Commercial by Marx
You know you want one. You know you would do anything for one. 


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