He is the clown prince of crime. He is the only member of Batman’s rogue gallery who truly is Batman’s equal. Yet, year after year, the Joker gets his own figures and they are pale in comparison to the Bat’s. Even if you reach back all the way to 1989, the figure looked nothing like Jack Nicholson. When they did a more movie accurate version of the Joker, he was fat. I appreciate where The Batman (2004) series took the Joker, but come on, he looked like a member of Parliament-Funkadelic. So today on #BatmanDay, AFJ celebrates the Bat’s greatest villain with the “10 Must Own Joker Figures”!

10. Batman: The Animated Series Christmas Joker Action Figure

Christmas Joker Action Figure

Let us start with something new and a Joker you can put out for the Holidays! Who doesn’t want old Mister J decked out in his holiday garb? <Available November 2016>

9. The Joker from The Dark Knight by Hot Toys

The Joker from The Dark Night by Hot Toys

Brilliant, brutal and haunting this Joker by Hot Toys is probably the one all diehard fans will have to own.

8. DC Direct Comic Con Arkham Asylum Joker

Here is DC Direct San Diego Comic Con exclusive from 2010. For this collector, it was his white bare feet that sold it.

7. Batman: The Animated Series Joker (Original Run)

Batman: The Animated Series Joker (Original Run)

Pick one, any one. Mark Hamill’s performance is only matched by the perfection in which Kenner sculpted these original run figures. They truly are the embodiments of the living character.

6. Super Powers Collection Joker

kenner joker

Taking it way back to 1984, you have to have a classic on a list like this, and this Joker has a “Power Action Madcap Mallet” attack. This was really a killer figure and brought the Joker, as a toy, into the eighties.

5. Killing Joke Joker

killing joke joker
It was one of the quintessential Batman stories. Raw, edgy and for some of us the first time we bought a comic, where we had to have our parents permission to buy it. What better tribute to this dark story than making the Hawaiian shirt Joker.

4. Classic Joker Two Pack by DC Direct

The Joker

Okay, so really this is two figures, but they do come together. Two essential Joker figures from two different eras. They are the perfect accessories to place in between an unsuspecting Batman figure.

3. Batman: The Animated Series Joker Action Figure (Current)

batman the animated Joker

You have to love how far toys have come. You also have to appreciate DC Direct and Warner Brothers giving us a Joker n the style and articulation we want!

2. Batman 1966 TV Series Series 2 The Joker [Surf’s Up]

surfs up joker

What Joker list would complete without a Caesar Romero Joker? Now we aren’t picking just any old figure, we must own the "Surf’s Up Joker" from series 2 of the 1966 line. It is just balls to the wall crazy.

1. Hot Toys Batman 1989 Movie Masterpiece Deluxe Collectors 1/6 Scale DX08 Action Figure The Joker Jack Nicholson

hot toys joker

Last and certainly not least is Hot Toys rendition of Jack Nicholson as the Joker. You simply cannot have a better sculpt, likeness, points of articulation, or smile on your Joker. Yes, we are fully aware of the price tag on old Jack. Perfection is worth it. 

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