Batman: Dead End (aka Batman vs Predator vs Alien) for #BatmanDay2018

Since a new Predator film has arrived, The Predator and tomorrow is #BatmanDay, AFJ thought it was the perfect culmination of two events to spotlight the 2003 fan film, Batman: Dead End.  The internet is a crazy place where fan films run rampant, however, the news is just as crazy and often gems like Sandy Collar's film is forgotten.  We have posted the full short film above. I know, I know, almost 10 minutes long, how will you ever survive? When I still had dial-up, it took me over 3 hours to download the film, when it was this hot thing that all the geeks were talking about. In watching nearly a 10-minute fan film was all the more worthwhile as I could watch only watch so much of it at a time as it loaded.

What is interesting is that the film spawned four action figures directly. Below you will find "Big Red", a 1/4 Scale "Big Red", "Wasp Predator" and "Albino Predator" that NECA produced. Thanks to Junkie Tony Kosman for pointing out that there were three figures produced! We thought that was only 1, Big Red.

Now the following figures were never officially released by NECA, which is a whole other story, to begin with, but it did appear at Toy Fair in the NECA showcase. It is supposedly going to be available for convention retail sale, but we do not know of anyone who has one yet. Why was it canceled? The word is it was a licensing issue. If you look at the Alien figure, it is a good indication of where Batman: Dead End may have lead to next.
 Predator fans enjoy your movie. Batman fans enjoy your day. #AFJ4LIFE

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