Batman Returns!

WB Montreal confirms that Batman is returning. These are the same people who made one of my favorite Batman games, Arkham Origins.

WB Montreal put out a Tweet on their official Twitter of the Batman logo, shining in New York City. People paying close attention would've spotted the Court Of Owls logo flashing in the video. The next day, they posted a Tweet with a morphing logo. 

The long-standing rumor was that this game has been in development for quite some time. Workers have been Tweeting themselves wearing shirts with the Court Of Owls logo and thanking one another. Of course, the internet went wild. Everyone wanted another Arkham game. Especially the Bat-fans!
The rumor (that now seems all but confirmed) is that the story will be heavily influenced by Capullo/Snyder's epic story arc. The ancient secret order is going to rise to seize control of Gotham as it has for centuries before. Talons will rise and challenge Batman like never before.
Arkham Knight was an amazing game but was not how I wanted that series to end. There is so much potential with this game. The ability to have all the skins that AK couldn't have is exciting, to say the least. Also, the story that it's based upon changed Batman lore forever.

I'll be writing an updated summary and first impressions when the announcement becomes officially official. #LongLiveTheBat

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