We know you are like us Junkies, we have every intent on seeing Black Panther but know very little about the character. Certainly, he is/ was an Avenger. He is part of Marvel's Illuminati. He lead the Fantastic Four for a time. Yes, that's true, but what are the character's origins? His best stories? Marvel is releasing "BLACK PANTHER – START HERE" at the end of the month to add to the hype of their new film. A great place to start Junkies and completely FREE! Check out the details below! #AFJ4LIFE

Press Release: Just in time for the leader of Wakanda to stage center stage in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel is excited to announce the release of BLACK PANTHER – START HERE, a FREE sampler celebrating Black Panther stories across the Marvel Universe.

Featuring excerpts from Marvel’s current Black Panther ongoing series, as well as World of Wakanda, Black Panther and the Crew, and portions from Reginald Hudlin and John Romita Jr.’s Black Panther run, BLACK PANTHER – START HERE serves to introduce brand new readers to the character’s expansive 50-year Marvel history, while long-time fans will be able to relive some of T’Challa’s most epic adventures.

THE FREE BLACK PANTHER – START HERE sampler will be available to retailers on January 31st in local comic shops!
Black Panther

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