Although THE FLASH was only occasionally on my weekly pull list in my heavy comic book days at Midtown Comics I always had a tremendous fondness for the character. I go back to the days when John Wesley Shipp played the FLASH on the ill-fated TV series from the early '90s that was awesome but put in an awful time slot ruining its chances at immortality. When the dvd series was released years ago, I relived the entire series and binge-watched the entire series before the words "binge watch" existed. However, I always made sure to buy the comic book series of FLASH that were major events just so I could stay up to date. Then THE FLASH was announced for The CW for the Fall 2014 TV slate. I was skeptical, then I started watching.CC13

I am now a bona fide THE FLASH maniac. There is not an episode I have not seen and I spent this summer watching and rewatching all of the incredible freshman season. It was seriously one of the best narratives I have ever watched on tv, let alone a superhero show. I even got my father to watch it who usually is asleep within the first 15 minutes of any show I recommend to him. Instead, at the credits of one episode, he would say, "OK one more.." It was then that I knew that THE FLASH was the best superhero show on TV.


We already reviewed the Grant Gustin FLASH figure a few months ago when we just opened for business and the pics won't load, but the review is pretty solid. Now, we move onto the first member of FLASH's ROGUES GALLERY that has been featured on the show--Leonard Snart AKA CAPTAIN COLD!! Perfectly cast as the CAPTAIN is Wentworth Miller of PRISON BREAK fame and he has already been on eight episodes and has used it to vault into a leadership role of the new CW show LEGENDS OF TOMORROW. Now let's get down to the new figure which I think is an excellent new entry from THE FLASH/CW-verse of superheroes.

CC10 CC18

First up is the packaging on CAPTAIN COLD from DC COLLECTIBLES. While I like the sleek compactness of the packaging, I could do without the window box stretching all the way over to the side of the package. If you are a MOC collector like me and you drop the box from a reasonable height, the right side of the extended window box will definitely take a hit and get dented. However, it is a strong plastic so you might get lucky and get away clean. The figure stands at 6.75" and looks awesome and is equipped with two extra sets of hands for a total of three, righty, lefty and regular. This way you can use his Cold Gun from both sides with whatever set of hands you wish. Speaking of the Cold Gun, it is ridiculously dope looking. Like really outstanding looking. So dope that I wish they gave us a backup Cold Gun!

CC22 CC24CC21

The sculpt is top notch for the new DC COLLECTIBLES figures from The CW shows like ARROW. Snart is outfitted in his signature blue jacket with the furry hood that is semi-removable which is awesome because I was really worried they were going to make it so that you could not move the hood back at all to expose Snart's buzzcut and signature goggles. The goggles have a cool blue tint just like on the show but, unfortunately, they are affixed to his head and cannot be taken off. However, you can pull back the hood but cannot fully push it all the way down. All of the hands are gloved and he is wearing his vertically piped black turtleneck. I always wonder what costumed villains have besides their villain costume in their wardrobe. The likeness of Snart to Miller is there but it is certainly not the most accurate I have seen, but I am willing to give it a pass because he still looks pretty badass and they really nailed "the look" of CAPTAIN COLD. The buzzcut and goggles definitely help when it comes to the likeness factor.


I am not sure the exact number but like the FLASH figure, the piece is not overwhelmed with points of articulation. Sometimes, in my opinion, too many POA can be a bit of overkill especially on higher-end figures like this. I did notice that the hips do not have much movement in the hip/torso area. Same goes for the elbows which is kind of a bummer here because his Cold Gun is his signature and you want to be able to move things around so he can use his gun in different positions. It's possible, just a little difficult. Hopefully, they will read this and make the small adjustments on next year's REVERSE FLASH and HEAT WAVE!

CC20 CC16CC3

I am loving this figure and cannot wait for the next wave of FLASH themed figures. This is an easy recommend to you Junkies and it can be purchased for a terrific price of just $22.99 that you can pick at Entertainment Earth. This is great for posing as well with your Flash figure and setting up cool action sequences. As the first ROGUE to be made from the now thriving CW/FLASH-verse, CAPTAIN COLD is a must have for this holiday season. I highly suggest getting it now before it sells out online because these will be gone from your local comic shops faster than Barry Allen.


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