As a participant of Comic-Con,  I have learned that common courtesy can go a long way. Many people have forgotten the basic everyday rules that our parents taught us. In the hopes to make your Comic-Con experience better, we here at Action Figure Junkies thought we would pass on to you our "Comic-Con Courtesy Guide". Many of these things you already know, but in the craziness of Comic-Con and obtaining anything and everything, we tend to forget ourselves. With these helpful tips, the Junkies can lead by example and make Comic-Con a better place. 

Oh, BTW, look for head Junkies Jarrett Kruse who will be walking the floor!


Batman Beyond

This is one of the main reasons why you bring your camera. Be polite, ask to take their picture, thank them, and tell them how great their outfits are. Remember, Cosplayers should never be touched! It is not an invitation to grope someone either. I got to know one Cosplayer so well that he and I became Facebook friends. We met up at different Cons throughout the year and now we are legitimate friends. Larry (pictured above as Batman Beyond), one Halloween was gracious enough to hook me up with my own Batman Beyond costume.

Comic Con Shower
Even as I type this I know it is all kinds of wrong. I shouldn’t have to write it into a courtesy guide, but it seems to be the one thing everyone comments on. For the love of Zod, take a shower in the morning before you go to the Con. Take a shower again before you go to bed. There is nothing worse than getting fowl smelling geek sweat on your person all because someone brushes up against you. Again, please wash up and use a TON of deodorant before you go to the Con. Nothing is worse than standing next to someone who smells like they have egg white omelets under their armpits.

For the love of Stan Lee and Steve Dikto, please leave your comic book boxes at home. You know who you are. These guys that cart their short boxes around with tons of books to get signed are incredibly annoying. At Comic-Con, each of these people really takes up the space of two. How can they not, since they are carrying a backpack, several exclusives, and swag? I know it is supposed to be all about the comics, but do you really need to bring a whole box with you?

Comic Con Karma
A good friend of mine (check out his Blog “More WhatNot”) came up with a little mantra called Comic-Con Karma. If you give something of yourself such as time, swag or even a stick of gum to someone it will come back to you in ten fold. I have plenty of friends that can’t make it to the con. One year, between picking up extra t-shirts and exclusive toys for those back home, I was tapped with a great gift. A man came up to me and asked if I wanted his VIP ticket to The Walking Dead booth. I accepted. The ticket got me an exclusive poster by Drew Struzan. Then, in person, Struzan signed it as did Frank Darabont. Yeah, there just might be something to his Comic-Con Karma thing.

My advice to you is to take only what you really want and not to wait in line for anything just because it is free. Someone else may really want that freebie and you taking one hurts their chances. Plus, don’t let getting a freebie to monopolize your time which is better spent elsewhere. Remember this too: not all swag is created equal to their property. The Green Hornet might not have been the best movie, but damn it is one comfortable t-shirt. I’ve been asked, more than once, where Britt Reid’s Garage is.

Final thoughts
Make the most of your time at Comic-Con. Enjoy yourself and be good to your fellow conventioneers. Comic-Con really is Hanukah, Christmas, and your birthday for five straight days. The more thought and time you put into going and being mindful of others, the more you’ll get out of it. For Odin’s sake it’s the world’s biggest pop culture event, don’t stab someone over a frakking seat.


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