Confirmed: Exclusive 6″ Black Series Hoth Han and Leia Set – Coming Soon(?)

There was a rumor circulating that a Han and Leia Hoth exclusive set would be coming from Hasbro. Today, Robot Kingdom (UPDATE: The post and image have been removed) posted the item for pre-order.  The image is small and we are still waiting on an official image from Hasbro.

A huge thanks to our friends at Yak for posting this news!

Here is all we have: Star Wars Exclusives Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa on Hoth. Preorder. Start Shipping on 21st September 2018.
AFJ's Take: of course we are going to get it, it's Star Wars! This is probably the scene from when Han is going after Luke. However, why that scene? The "kiss a Wookie" scene is more iconic, but then Han would be in a different coat. It's great that we are going to get Hoth Han again. All of this leads into our summation that Hasbro and Lucasfilm have something special planned for the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back! #AFJ4LIFE

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