This might sound strange, but I am getting the impression that Mezco Toyz is planning on making Sam Raimi’s Darkman into a ONE:12 Collective release.

This is where you say, “Why do think that, Bob”? Well, for starters, Mezco shared this article about Darkman just a few weeks ago on their Facebook page. 

Now the article posted on the FB page is about Raimi’s film and how the director captured the essence of the Superhero genre long before he did 2002’s Spider-Man. Mezco’s Facebook is littered with other pop culture articles, however, they usually post stories for licenses to which they are directly tied. Case in point, their recent Black Panther ONE:12 and their 18-inch Kong: Skull Island (which debuted at Toy Fair 2018 seen HERE and below).

This puts the mention of Darkman into their news feed a bit of an oddity. To say that my hopes aren't high for a Darkman ONE:12 would be a lie. It got me thinking, what would a Darkman ONE:12 come with? Certainly, the look of Darkman would be captured perfectly by Mezco. Prime examples of their fine craftsmanship are both in the recent announcements of John Wick and Alex DeLarge (seen below).

As you can see I am not worried about the likeness. I am more or less interested in the accessories. So here are my suggestions for Mezco Toyz.
DARKMAN ONE:12The image above uses a SOTA Toys Darkman action figure for the mock-up.

Clearly, one of the heads would have to be Peyton Westlake (Liam Neeson). Now whether or not that would be the face prior to the accident that turns him into Darkman, or from after he re-creates it would be up to Mezco. What is further enticing for this figure is the multitude of faces the character has. Certainly, we would get a dirty bandaged face of Darkman. However, would a clean bandaged face also be included? What about the exposed face of Darkman with no bandages? Perhaps just a few bandages dangling? There is a lot to consider here for Mezco. 

Darkman has his black fedora, (seen above). I don't think there would be much of stink made about whether or not it was clean or dirty. We also have the Tin Man cap (from "the dancing freak" moment) as an accessory. A small accessory would be the work glasses of Peyton Westlake. An essential accessory would be his digital stopwatch (that could be attached to one of his additional hands). I think a 35mm camera should also come with the ONE:12. A few choice items from Darkman's lab would include the Cat, the Bird Mercury Timer, a melted mask/ face, and if they were to really go all out, a holographic face of Peyton Westlake.

A key moment of the film is when Peyton Westlake realizes that his hands are gone (in appearance). This opens up the question, how many sets of hands would Darkman have? Gloved and bandaged hands are no-brainers. I would like to suggest partially bandaged hands and rubber-looking hands that reveal some of the burned skin. A nice touch would be to have one of the hands have a bolt in it (third picture to the right).  

Mezco, more often than not, will release an exclusive version of one of their ONE:12's. Now if we have to pick any one of the characters that Darkman impersonates it will probably be the final "Shemp" or face from the film. Die-hard fans know that face to be Bruce Campbell's. Yet any one of Durant's gang, including Durant, would also be acceptable. The kicker and money maker is Campbell's face. BTW, they already have a Bruce Campbell face created for the Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn ONE:12. That likeness of Campell is from three years prior to Darkman's theatrical release (close enough). If they don't actually use Campbell, any fan who has the ONE:12 Ash will create the final Shemp anyway. 

The signs are there, Junkies. Already Mezco has signed on to get one of Sam Raimi's characters [Ash] into their ONE:12 line, why not his dark superhero? The cult hero had a Collector's Edition Blu-ray released back in 2014, which sold well enough for Shout! Factory to keep the film in supply. Would a Darkman ONE:12 be too obscure for Mezco? Let me ask you this, do you know who DIABOLIK (seen here) is? Obscure characters don't really exist in the cult world of superheroes and horror movies. So, 
Mezco, I am calling you out...


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