Although the new ARKHAM KNIGHT video game is still a good month off, DC COLLECTIBLES is already releasing their hotly anticipated action figures from the franchise. And thank God for that because these figures are just ones that Junkies cannot lay off of! I have already reviewed SCARECROW (here) and HARLEY QUINN (review) here, but I wanted to wait to do the new BATMAN figure. Happily, I can say, it was worth the wait because this is seriously my new favorite Batman figure. I did not expect it to be by any means because I have always been on the fence about the changes the video game has made to the Bat-suit over the years. However, seeing the new figure in person really changed my mind and although I am not a gamer, I have to say I am in love with this new iteration of the Dark Knight.

Starting off with the new packaging for DC COLLECTIBLES items, I love the sleek new look. No more of that super hard plastic and instead it is replaced with an efficient window box that is excellent for both the MOC collector and the loose collector as well. It is a classy look and something that you would not expect to find in a toy store but rather a specialty store. It has that air of exclusivity that I am a big fan of. It screams, "this is not just a figure, it is a collector's item" which I love. The see-through window box gives a great look at the figure as well as the detailed interior of said box. You almost do not want to take the piece out of the box for risk of losing the whole look of the figure in its cardboard prison. But this is a Batman figure yearning to break through its plastic gates.

BATMANAKTo start with, the figure stands over a robust 6.5" from pointy ear to foot. But it has the air of being a much larger figure in its overall scope. By far, this is the most ambitious iteration of Batman I have seen come along in quite some time. Never has the term "Knight" resonated so much with the actual figure. I say that because the overall appearance of TDK has a worn and weathered metallic look to it. Specifically, his gauntlets, belt, and boots have a used shine to them like the night has been spent battling Gotham's worst criminals. The utility belt also looks pretty dope and it stands out with its cardboard golden color. And what would Bats be without his trusty Batarang? Well, here you get a doozy of one which they will soon be made into an actual prop replica for the hardcore collector. Plus, the figure gets an interchangeable hand as well as a very cool looking but non-functional zipline launcher. A pretty dope extra in my opinion and a clever addition at that.

Gentle Giant does their usual bang-up job on the sculpt and the figure boasts twenty or so points of articulation making this the Batman figure to own in 2015. At first, I was not crazy about the very noticeable mixture of black and grey on the Bat-suit but it grew on me fast. Specifically, I was unsure if I was going to like the black integrated on the grey legs but it just flat out works and I couldn't imagine it another way. At $24.99 and cheaper at some online retailers, this is a must-have figure for even the casual Bat-fan. For the loyal Gothamites that eat, sleep and breathe Batman, well you probably already own it! Highly recommended and totally Junkie-worthy.


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