By Abraham Segarra

I've wanted this figure for quite some time, but it was always too expensive for me, but alas, it has been going down in price on Amazon for a while and I snatched him up for a pretty reasonable price.


This is a large figure at 9". Large figures often wind up with poor articulation, simply because of the sheer mass of the figure. DC Collectibles really did a superb job making a large figure with really good articulation.

This figure has 60 Points of Articulation.

Wait! What? 60 Points of Articulation? That's a typo, right? No... no, it is not. We'll get into the details below, but I want to focus your attention on the hands of this figure first. Every finger is individually articulated with individual knuckle joints. This alone made this one of the most unique action figures I've got in my collection. There are three Pin/Hinge joints on each finger which allows for some really awesome poses. The joints are quite tight, so posing and retaining those poses is not a problem. I'm sensing an oversized battle ax in my future for this guy.


Without the great finger articulation, this figure still has some awesome articulation. Though the elbows are a little hindered at a slightly less than 90-degree bend, it doesn't negatively detract from the figure all the much. The biggest hindrance to the articulation in the arms/hands would be at the wrists. Due to the armor plates on the top of the hands and forearms, the two articulation points in the wrists are drastically reduced in functionality. Luckily, this doesn't affect the finger articulation, and the armor plates look really good.

There's an abundance of good articulation in the legs as well. The sculptors did a good job utilizing a Y-Jointed hip joint which is surprisingly flexible. The biggest issue here is really in the backward motion of the legs. A hair more backward motion would have been appreciated, but with all the other articulation in the legs, I have a hard time complaining. The utility belt also causes the right leg to not move outward as far as the left leg, but I don’t know many times you’re going to need your figure to do the splits so not a big detractor for me. There are two Peg Joints in each leg, one above and one below the knee. With the Y-Joint hips, these peg joints are critical to some great action poses, which would otherwise be impossible. The ankles, however, do pose some drawbacks as the sculpt of the armor that surrounds the ankles do limit the articulation. Normally, this would be enough for me to drop one or even two stars, but even with these limitations, I'm hard-pressed to be critical. You can still move the ankles forward and backward, though not a lot, enough to help, and there is still some ankle rocker, so I don't count these as a total loss. There are double knee joints, but the lower joint is essentially useless due to the armor plates on the calves. They really didn’t need these joints, because the top knee joint bends around 90 degrees and is perfectly fine for this figure. Having the double joint does help the sculpt of the figure with the circular robot joint look in the knee, so even though the joint doesn’t function, it does look good.


Last but not least is the torso and head articulation. The head is on what seems to be a double ball joint and provides a really wide range of motion unless you want your Bruce Wayne head looking up. You just aren't going to get that. All other motion is great for the head and the joint is nice and tight.

Typically, I cringe when I see torso joints that utilize anything other than a hinge. The hinge, though not so attractive and hard to hide, is nearly always functional. The Thrasher Suit has what appears to be a double ball peg in the torso, but, they executed it really well. Probably the best I've seen thus far in my collection. The only real limitation here is in a backward arch, which I'm not likely to need for my figure anyway. The forward ab crunch is great for a figure this size, as well as the side to side crunch and the twist in the torso.

Overall, this figure met and exceeded all my expectations. Not only for a large figure, but this thing has better articulation than a lot of my smaller 6" figures. It by far has better articulation than any of my other DC Collectible figures. Articulation alone is a reason to buy this figure.

New BATMAN statue in armor for next year's movie! Let's see how it compares w/ the Thrasher Suit!

New BATMAN statue in armor for next year's movie! Let's see how it compares w/ the Thrasher Suit!

There is detail galore on this figure. The sculptors (Jay Kushwara and Jonathan Matthews) did an amazing job on this figure. There's very little I can say that isn't just a glowing review of the work they did on this figure. Yes, there are a couple points in which the sculpt gets in the way of articulation which is a big pet peeve of mine, but the issues are very minor with this figure.

Tough call on who wins this throw down!

Tough call on who wins this throw down!

To be honest, however, I should mention two things I find a bit displeasing. First, the helmet that comes with the figure. It is very nicely sculpted, but it simply attaches by pressing it on and hoping it will hold its position with a pressure lip at the back of the neck. This is fine, except it doesn't stay on very well while you pose the figure and you can't really turn the mask without seeing the opening of the neck area. That's not a huge issue, but no actual articulation and a poor way of attaching the helmet is a little disappointing since they put so much thought into the overall figure.


The second issue is more of a reality issue. If Bruce Wayne is supposed to fit into this armored suit, it really shouldn't be the equivalent of 9 feet tall. In reality, there's no good place for his legs to match up with the suits leg joints. At least not with the positioning of his head. In the end, I would have preferred they put his head in the chest area with a fully articulated mask in the head location. Maybe a plate in the chest that can open, or don't even give us the head. If you don't care about proper anatomy, or can simply look past this, it's an awesome figure, I happen to be able to look past this, but I find it funny.

I've been going on and on about how great this figure it. Yes, it's a great figure, and paint is no exception, though I'm not going to say it's perfect. The majority of the figure is grey, as expected, and they did a really good job of paint application here. The detail work is superb, though some of the larger flat surfaces seem to lack a bit of the gritty look. It almost seems too smooth on the chest whereas the


arms and legs have a little nicer detail look with the lighter greys found throughout. It's not a huge issue, though I felt it was enough to drop one star. Another issue I'm finding as I play with this figure is the paint in the joints, namely, the hip joints are starting to flake off. Luckily, the plastic underneath seems to be black so you're not going to notice it too much, but that little pile of paint on your table or pants is a little annoying.

I'm on the fence with the utility belt. It doesn't match the comic belt, which I don't expect toys to always match everything, but the yellow is, I don't know, just not super awesome. There's a bit of a brownish color which I'm assuming is meant to look dirty, but if that's the case, why is only his belt dirty? The suit has battle damage, but not dirt and grime. I'm nitpicking here I know, I'm just not feeling the belt paint as much. I like it, just not as much as I should for some reason.

The face, namely the skin tone they used is very plastic like. It almost looks like the skin color of a Ken doll. They did a great job on the sculpt of the face and they applied the paint really well, it's very clean, but the tone of the color is a bit off. I like, however, that they made Bruce's face look a little tired around the eyes. I've seen some other reviews that didn't like that look, but I think it gives him a sinister, yet worn look that I would expect if you're stuck in a battle suit like this for any amount of time.

Compared w/ Capullo Batman

Compared w/ Capullo Batman

In the end, they did a great job on the paint app of this figure, even with the couple weak areas I'm pointing out. I'm guessing most people can overlook the minor issues I brought up and others will say I'm stupid for even bringing them up. To each his/her own.

I wanted to touch on the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie that'll be released in 2016 to see how this figure compares to the movie version. We've seen some sneak peeks of the Thrasher Suit in the movie trailers and I want to do a quick likeness comparison between this figure, the original comic version, and the upcoming movie.

The figure fits the original comic creation much closer than the new Thrasher suit in the upcoming movie. It's obvious the designers had to address the human anatomy issue found in the toy and original artwork. The movie seems to have dialed the scale of the suit down to about a 7' suit. They also opened the mast to look a little more like the traditional bat cowl we're used to seeing. I'm sure that's so we can still get a glimpse of Ben Affleck in there. Changing the eyes gives it a less sinister look than the original, it humanizes the suit a bit compared to the comic version. Perhaps that was the intent, but I would have liked to see a red eye visor over the blue eye version in the movie. In the end, this design change of the helmet opens Batman up to a vulnerability that the original suit did not have.


Moving to the emblem, we aren't really able to see the bat emblem on the movie version, but we have to assume that will be different as we've already seen the movie emblem and that follows the Dark Knight version a little closer than the version on the toy and comic. I'm not a big fan of the new movie emblem, but I'm also not a huge fan of the one on the toy either.

It's not really fair, but I figured we should talk about the Bruce Wayne likeness to the movie and comic. Comparing to the comic version of Bruce Wayne, the figure is quite close in resemblance. Perhaps the toy is a little too clean cut, but overall, the sculpt and paint are pretty close to the comic. It's not fair, but comparing to Ben Affleck, the toy and movie are no comparison. I could see someone casting a Ben Affleck head and replacing the existing one with it, which would be pretty cool.

The toy and comic version of the Thrasher Suit really looks like a full on robot, not a suit. The movie version seems to resemble a suit that someone could actually wear, so for reality points, I'd have to give it up to the movie design. For an all-out amazing and dominating presence, the comic version is still so much better. Villains will certainly think twice should they come upon the comic version of the Thrasher suit. The movie version looks a little less impressive overall.

Overall, I think the movie version takes plenty from the original and translates it into a realistic suit that I could see Bruce Wayne actually designing and wearing, though still keeping with the comic version enough to keep most people happy. I'm guessing the purists will have the biggest problem with the helmet change.

The "Bat-Armor" at SDCC '15 back in July.

The "Bat-Armor" at SDCC '15 back in July.

I foresee DC Collectibles coming out with a movie version of the Thrasher Suit around the time of the movie. I may be wrong, but why not cash in on the merchandising? If they do, please articulate the fingers like the comic version is. I really like that feature a lot.

Here's a quick look at one of the trailers out that shows the new Thrasher suit in action. https://youtu.be/9SKdOyyR8ik 

For the size of the figure, I don't always expect any accessories, so it's nice to have two different ways of displaying my figure. With, or without the helmet. I'm not sure how I'll display mine just yet. Overall, the helmet just looks great. It fits the look of the figure well but has its limitations. Keeping the thing on and turning it are the two big issues with this thing, but both can be addressed with a little care. The actual sculpt and paint app on this were done really well. The red visor paint is a really nice metallic red that has a bit of a sparkle to it which is really cool.

I really like the DC Collectibles packaging. The artwork on the packaging is very eye catching and the wrap around plastic window in front allows those who keep their figures in the package a great display box so you don't have to open it if you don't want to. I open all my figures, though I do keep the packaging for some reason. I just love the artwork and this package, though very simple, does have some nice images. You also get a good glimpse at the other three figures in the line, which I really need to get. Since the Thrasher Suit Batman is considerably bigger, the packaging had to be bigger as well. The best part about this packaging is it is still square for the most part, so you can store it and stack them much easier than the blister packaging we see from a lot of manufacturers. I really hate blister packaging. Well done DC Collectibles.

"I'm so bad, sometimes I signal for myself!"

"I'm so bad, sometimes I signal for myself!"

This is a definite must-have for anybody who collects action figures. Even if you're not a huge Batman fan, just having a figure with fully articulated fingers is amazing, especially at this price point. Yes, there are a couple of weak points on the figure, but all the positives easily outweigh the couple weak points. This figure has been out there for a while now so you'll likely have a hard time picking it up at your local retailer so jump on eBay or Amazon and get him now.


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