By Marc Wasserman

HARLEYWhat can be said about Harley Quinn that has not been said already? Honestly, it may just be my opinion but I feel like I might not stand alone on this one but I think she makes crazy girls look incredibly sexy! I mean, let's be real for a minute, who does not love a little spice in their bad girl attitudes? The great thing about her is that no matter how many different ways the Joker changes or something about him becomes slightly different, she adapts to be a perfect pairing for his evil ways. A perfect example is this newly released DC Comics NEW 52 ROLLER DERBY HARLEY! The detail put into this figure is extremely enjoyable even if you are not a DC collectible fan. Die hard's will truly enjoy this new addition to their figure lineup.

HQ2This iteration was crafted by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Chad Hardin. The packaging on this figure accommodates the figure nicely as the window-box is your standard NEW 52 style but it matches the red and black that will forever be associated with Harley's look. The figure is on the 6-7" end that will fit nicely with any other of your other Batman figures even the Arkham series. I personally like the Roller Derby look and think that it gives a nice clean, pardon the pun, "spin" on something that is killing it now in action figures. The red & black spades look gives it the classic early animated Batman look but keeps it very much, Harley. The shorts and padding definitely emphasize the fact that she is wearing roller derby gear but it also gives an older '50s-'60s vibe and feel.


The red sledgehammer is nicely crafted and is the perfect accouterment to fit in her hands. However, it does seem a little heavy towards the hammer part that does cause her arm to fall to the side a bit when holding it. Harley is nicely articulated and the joints are tight but move with ease. The paint job is solid and touches on her facial features in particular very nicely. The figure also comes equipped with a pistol that can either be held or placed in her holster. Finally, her roller skates fit into the base of her feet with a peg on each one but the really cool thing is that the wheels on her skates actually move!


I recently gave one of the Harley's to my daughters because they love her and just could not get enough of this figure. Immediately, they grabbed Batman off the shelf to pit against her. My only complaint, which is a simple fix, is that Harley does not come with any of her hyenas. I thought that would have been a great accessory for her to have but hyenas can be easily purchased on eBay. I have to tip my Joker-esque hat to DC COLLECTIBLES on making an awesome figure everyone to enjoy!

"I'd just like to say, if there was no Batman, there'd be no Joker and I never woulda met my Puddin!! Thank you, Batman!" -Harley Quinn



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