DC Multiverse Batman Reborn Review – #Batman80

To commemorate the 80th anniversary of Batman, AFJ has decided to join in the fun with columns, lists, and reviews from now until Batman Day (Sept. 15th, 2019). The incredible thing about 80 years of Batman in pop culture is that we can feature anything from comics to movies to the fact that the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh hangs out with Bat-Mite. Google them both, Millenials. Today, we look at the Batman Reborn DC Mulitverse Figure. 
Ten years I waited for this figure. Ten years.

After the events of Final Crisis, Dick Grayson assumed the mantle of his deceased mentor. (Shameless plug, read our review of the 2010 new Batman and Robin book for more on Dick Grayson as Batman).

This figure was on the top of my list of Batman figures that desperately needed to be made. I thought for sure DC Collectibles would've stepped up, but for 10 years, no one answered the call. Then out of nowhere, a proposed wave listing appeared online. It was a "Collect and Connect" Killer Croc wave, with a bunch of wanted figures. One stood out the most to me, Dick Grayson's Batman! Soon after, news broke that Mattel had lost the DC master license to action figures. No images appeared, so the initial thought was that it had been canceled since Mattel would lose that license within a year.

Then SDCC happened, and there he was, on full display! The figure was still being made! But how hard would this line be to find? The last couple of DC Multiverse lines had been frustratingly hard to find. This was, of course, going to be the same as the last three lines, right? Wrong.

Within two weeks of SDCC people were finding them in Walmart. I too walked into my local Walmart and quickly grabbed Batman, Alfred, and Red Hood off the pegs.

Batman looked amazing. The figure had clean paint apps. No slop anywhere. The suit was spot on and the grinning mouth under the cowl reflected Dick Grayson as Batman.

This figure is cast on the slimmer body mold Mattel uses. It works though. It has all the details from his time as The Batman. His signature gauntlets are there as well as his belt.

His articulation is standard for Mattel's newer Multiverse figures. Head has slight up and down movement (can be made to have more if you have that customizer mentality), it can go 360 around. The torso has a decent clicking crunch, which I hope prevents it from getting loose from over posing or play. Shoulders are on a ball disk peg. Meaning they rotate 360 degrees and can, of course, be lifted to about 90 degrees. There is a bicep swivel joint. Single jointed elbows. Wrist rotation and hinged hands. Waist swivel. Ball-jointed hips. Thigh cuts, DOUBLE jointed knees. Feet go up and down but also has the side to side swivel. No ankle pivot which is a bummer.

The figure also comes with an unmasked head and removed cowl piece to go with your unmasked head.

The weakest part of this figure is the cloth cape. It's thin and cut weird. It doesn't reflect his time as Batman. Also, not having a couple of interchangeable hands is a bummer too.

All and all though? It's a great addition to the Batman collection. I doubt very seriously that we'll see another figure any time soon and after waiting 10 long years for one, all I can say to Mattel is…

Thank you. #LongLiveTheBat

Order the DC Multiverse Dick Grayson Batman Action Figure HERE from Entertianmentr Earth! 

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