Junkies, as many of you know, January 18th was the street date for Funko's DC Primal Age figures. Originally these figures were released as a timed exclusive on Amazon.com. The figures have now become a Target Exclusive. Many of you, the Junkies, reported finding the DC Primal Age figures on endcaps but were unable to purchase them due to the toys being street dated. I went to my local Target today, the 18th, a quick 5-minute drive from AFJ Headquarters in Montgomeryville, PA, and found nothing. By nothing, I mean nada, zip, a big fat zero. Not even so much as an endcap.

This odd to me for numerous reasons. First, I found the following endcap on January 17th (one day prior to street date) at the King of Prussia, PA location (21 miles away).

What's crazier is that on January 9th, I even found the t-shirts for the DC Primal Age at the Montgomeryville, PA, Target.

To further add to my frustration I was notified by DC Comics (via their official representative) that a special DC Primal Age 100-Page Comic GIANT was also being released in conjuncture with the toys (1-18-19). See the announcement HERE on AFJ.
 Here is my documented trip around the Target toy department, the Funko section, as well as the book section.

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I simply don't understand the logic here. Target has an exclusive deal with Funko and DC Entertainment to sell these products. So why are there none to be found? It has been well documented by Funko groups and DC fans on social media that the Target registers have a lock on these products for January 18th. So why aren't they at this location?

I think my anger stems from when I got my flu shot at Target. While getting my shot, I commented to the Pharmacist how cold it was in the store. She told me that I wasn't the first to complain about it. She then informed me that Target's corporate headquarters (in Minneapolis, MN) controls the temperature at all Target locations. I find this almost hilarious because no two Target locations have the same clearance price on items. Yet someone in Minneapolis is dictating the climate for a store in Key West, FL? Clearance prices are dictated by stock and often by the whim of that department's manager. I know this for a fact because, one, I shop at Target, a lot, and two, I am a former team member. I had to deal with customers, often, revealing to me the Target 10 miles away had a particular item on clearance. I had to apologize and tell them that unless it was on sale on the website and/ or in the weekly flyer there was nothing I could do.

EXAMPLE: Marvel Legends on sale for $19.98 on December 30th in Exeter, PA.

EXAMPLE: The same Marvel Legends on sale for $27.98 on December 31st in Warrington, PA.

Where is the logic in this? The world is so connected and we are so aware of sales across the country, let alone within driving distance of our home, that this only results in our frustration. What I found to be even more shocking is that these items, the DC Primal Age figures, are not even on Target.com (today).

With that being said, Amazon (seen HERE and below) is still selling them. So why is it an exclusive again?

This does not give me any confidence in Target's ability to sell exclusive products properly. In fact, I am at a point where if I hear the words "exclusive" (with Target, Amazon, Walmart, and Walgreens (GameStop is exempt because they actually have their act together) I cringe. It is so missed managed by those retailers, that half time I end up spending more in gas trying to find these exclusive collectibles, if at all, or I just buy them on the secondary market.

To Funko and DC Entertainment, I really wanted to purchase these items, in person. I thought the DC Primal Age line coming to Target was a great idea. This way, I could actually look at the figures and pick who I wanted over blinding getting figures based on their Amazon photos (which is not the exact figure you get). Instead, I was met by a clerk who knew nothing about a product (you can have memos up in the back about what day the ice cream social will be, for employees, but not a poster highlighting an exclusive item (again former team member here)), you are selling. You bother to register lock said products, at corporate, next to the climate control button, but then have team members put them out on display days prior to them actually being sold?!

Yes, this is a first world problem and I am a grown man who wanted a toy, but the real issue is, that I was a "guest", who wanted to spend his hard earned money and couldn't. I left angry and frustrated. Why would I want to go back, let alone trust this location, or any other, for the next exclusive?

I journeyed to another Target (in Oaks, PA) which is only 17.5 miles from the Montgomeryville, Target and found this. At least they had the figures. No DC Primal Age comic here either.

UPDATE (1-20-19):
I sent my article to Target's Guest Services. I have since heard back.

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