To commemorate the 80th anniversary of Batman (#Batman80, #LongLiveTheBat), AFJ has decided to join in the fun with columns, lists, and reviews from now until Batman Day (Sept. 15th, 2019). The incredible thing about 80 years of Batman, in pop culture, is that we can literally feature anything from comics to movies to an inappropriate Batman water pistol. Yes, water pistol (Google him Millenials). Today, we turn our attention to a new comic book story for 2019. Enjoy Junkies! #AFJ4LIFE

By Rick Alaia

It's that time of the week again! To celebrate 80 years of Batman, AFJ takes you into the world of The Bat. Showing you stuff that I think every Batman fan needs in their lives. This week, we're looking at an upcoming DC Comics event, and one I've been personally looking forward to for a while. "DCeased" is in comic shops on 5.1.19 and Written by Tom Taylor (from Injustice) and illustrated by Trevor Hairsine and Stefano Gaudiano.

The story as we know it so far: It seems Darkseid wasn't done with the DC Universe just yet. He unleashes a techno-organic virus that starts to infect the world. What does this virus have in store for the DC Universe heroes? Apparently a lot. It seems it might be focused heavily on Batman as well. All the variant covers suggest just that. Speaking of, some of these variant covers done up as 80's horror film posters and box art is amazing.

Most Bat-fans will recall Batman dealt with a pandemic situation in Batman: Contagion. But, it most certainly wasn't like this.

Personally, I cannot wait for this event to arrive. The first solicitation had me intrigued. This definitely isn't just a “zombie” DC book. The fact that Batman might just be central to the entire story has me even more siked to snag this. How will The Dark Knight and the other DC Heroes handle an infection this size that infects anyone connected to a wifi enabled device?

DC has released a few pages from the first book. After reading them, I'm sure you'll be just as amped up as I am. I mean that cliffhanger of Jon reaching for that phone while playing video games with Damian at the end of the released pages? Come on! Super intense!

Also, check out these variant covers! Which is your favorite?!?

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