Diamond Select Cable Resin Statue: Hands On Review

By Baylee Alger

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Nathan Summers is the alternate timeline son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey. He contracted a virus that only affected his left side, causing it to be mostly replaced with cybernetic implants.

But that only made him stronger. Now, I have him hear in his own Diamond Select statue form. So, let's get on with this
Diamond Select Cable Resin Statue Hands On Review.
So, ironically, before I got this statue, I didn't care all that much about Cable. I'm not a huge Deadpool fan, and I'd only heard him referenced alongside Deadpool. So I always thought I wouldn't like him either. But then, after not really liking the one statue my comic book store showed me, they showed me this other one, and I was hooked.

So the statue itself is about a foot tall, but Cable is not the top of the statue. His gun is. But we'll get to that later.

Cable has a pretty normal human head with nice hair sculpting. He seems to be wearing some kind of gorget around his neck, and this is where things start to get interesting. He's wearing his armor, and strapped to that are the X buckles on the shoulder straps. These go down to the belt at his waist, buckled with the X buckle, which is full of pouches for grenades, spare bullets, etc. And on his right hip is a pistol in its holster. On his left thigh, there are three pouches of some sort. At least that's what they feel like. I can feel the buckles and such for each of them. His legs are armored in what feels like knee-high metal boots, including knee pads. Across his back is a rifle, which I really like, it even has a tiny trigger inside that I can feel.
He has spare bullets everywhere. He has a set of them on his right shoulder, one wrapped around his right bicep, and one just above his belt on his left side. He has a large, wicked knife pointed behind and away from him in his right hand.

Now, let's talk about the base. I was really impressed by this. The rocks beneath him feel almost real. Like actual stone rather than resin. But what really impresses me is what he's standing on, which I believe to be a destroyed Sentinel. He seems to have one foot on its shoulder with its arm cannons behind him.
The biggest, most defining feature of this statue, I think, is his gun. He holds it in his left hand and it is MASSIVE. Almost cartoonishly so. It's propped on his left shoulder, pointing up and away from himself, and he seems to be about ready to pull the trigger. You can feel and see all the scopes, dials and switches on the gun, and I think it is truly a work of sculpting art.
In conclusion, this statue is excellent and one of my very favorites. If you are a cable fan, pick this up. Or if you're just a fan of guys with lots of guns and weapons, pick this up. It really is an amazing piece.

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