What happens when a thunder god is unworthy?

By Baylee Alger

Baylee Alger is a blind man who has a deep love of collecting and reading. He has been blind since the age of 2 due to cancer on his optic nerves. He loves to play drums, fish, and above all, read books. He loves playing video games, and writing reviews for AFJ are one of his favorite pastimes as well. When not collecting, reading or pursuing his lifelong dream of being a writer, he'll often be watching movies, such as Batman, Spider-Man, and the occasional comedy.

We all know who Thor is: Large, muscle-bound, armor-clad God Of Thunder. But what happens when he becomes unworthy to wield Mjolnir? Lady Thor, that's what. Jane Foster, once a nurse working under Donald Blake, Thor's alter ego, takes Thor's mantle when he is declared unworthy. When she is in her Thor form, she transforms from a normal, mortal woman, to a muscular warrior woman.

Today, I received her in the mail from Amazon. Here are my thoughts.

I was initially surprised at the size of the box. I've received multiple Diamond Select PVC statues before, and this one is, by far, the smallest. The package was so small, I thought it was the wrong box. But, when I opened it, I realized that it was, indeed, the right box.
DIAMOND SELECT: LADY THOR PVC STATUE After opening and extracting the figure, I was highly impressed. Lady Thor appears to be standing atop a rock of some kind. Her left foot is up on a higher portion, bent at the knee, and her other leg is extended behind her, toe planted. She holds her left hand at her side, slightly extended out from her body and slightly bent, with her fingers loosely curled, as if holding something we cannot see. She also appears to be wearing a gauntlet on this hand. Her right hand appears bare though. Her right hand is raised, her arm bent at the elbow, and she is gripping Mjolnir close to its head. Her body is slightly turned at the center of her torso, and her head is turned to the opposite side.

Now that that's out of the way, let me do some further descriptions of her equipment.
HELMETHer helmet is one of my favorite aspects of her. It appears more graceful and elegant than Thor's helmet, possessing far more curves on the wings towards the back. I'll be honest: They kind of appear to me as the ears of Batman's cowl. The same point is at the crown of the helm, and it runs down to the end of her nose, leaving her eyes and mouth bare. Her eye slits are a touch narrow, but that makes sense. Maximum protection.
Lady ThorI love the detail given to her hair. It is flowing out behind her as if blown by a wind, unruly and tangled. Her cape flows about her as well, as if this same wind is lifting it in a heroic fashion. I can only find one cape fastener, though, as opposed to the two Thor has. Her's is on her right shoulder. She appears to wear a triangular gorget as well.

She has an Amazonian figure, so she doesn't wear a traditional breastplate. Below that, though, she wears the armored guard for her stomach, all the way down to a belt, from what I can feel, that sinches a skirt of sorts around her waist. Her thighs feel bare to me, but I'm not sure if that skirt is supposed to cover them. Her boots start just below the knee and feel as though they are made out of leather that is being bent as she crouches there.
Lady ThorHer boots struck me as amazing, though. I have only ever seen Thor's massive boots, but Jane's are smaller, and these ones have wings on them. That I found especially cool.

All in all, this was very much worth what I paid, as these statues always are. Though, I wish her hammer was a bit higher up and she looked more as though she were throwing it. I have no issues with it, though, and am proud to add it to my shelf.



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