Diamond Select Venom Resin Statue: Hands On Review

By Baylee Alger

Baylee Alger is a blind man who has a deep love of collecting and reading. He has been blind since the age of 2 due to cancer on his optic nerves. He loves to play drums, fish, and above all, read books. He loves playing video games, and writing reviews for AFJ are one of his favorite pastimes as well. When not collecting, reading or pursuing his lifelong dream of being a writer, he'll often be watching movies, such as Batman, Spider-Man, and the occasional comedy.

Venom. He went from a journalist to a villain to an eventual antihero, even helping take down Carnage. The slimy black Spider-Man villain is one of my personal favorites and a long-standing foil to Spidey's good deeds. Now, we have him in his own statue by Diamond Select. So today, I'll be doing a Diamond Select Venom Resin Statue.
This statue is, in a word, massive. So much so in fact, it's the only Diamond Select statue to date I've seen in two pieces. Venom has to be fit into his base. The box was fully two feet tall, and I would know. I had to get help carrying it across campus.

So, after pulling it out of the box and setting it up, I counted myself very very impressed, and this statue was very much worth the hunt.
I'd say that the statue, from base to crown of his head, is about a foot tall. Venom himself is massive, you can really see his musculature here. Starting with his head, I find it a touch weird. I have several other Venom figures, and none of them feel quite like this. I can't tell if he's exactly looking up or just sculpted in a different fashion. His tongue, as always, is prominent, but I think the random little hook at the end is weird and could have been sculpted a touch differently. Moving downwards, his arms are sort of flexed, as though he's pulling something towards him, and his claws are beared. And very, very sharp, so be careful with them should you ever decide to pick up this statue, which I highly recommend you do. The spider emblem on his chest isn't very tactile, but I can feel it. But if I didn't know it was there, I'd never have been able to find it or tell what it was.
Moving lower, the pose he's in is very cool. I like his menacing step out of his cryo tank. I can just imagine the alarms and panicking technicians around him as he busts free of his icy prison. The tank itself is destroyed, and I like how realistic the thick glass feels. Even the floor of the tank feels like a grating where excess fluids could drain away into the pipework sculpted around the sides. Some sort of goop is around his feet, both of them as if he's been stepping in symbiote. I'm not sure if that's right but that is what I feel here. And this stuff seems to be around the tank too, I think I can feel it ringing the tank itself.

In short, I was very impressed with this statue, and it was very much worth the money I paid and the time I took finding it for the cheapest. Pick this up if you're a Venom fan. Even if you aren't, pick it up. It's definitely the eye catcher in my collection for my sighted peers.

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