Dino-Riders Toy Commercials From a Bygone Age

This week our retro Toy Commercial column features Tyco's Dino-Riders. For me, Dino-Riders was part of the "The Marvel Action Universe" show (see the opening below). This syndication series highlighted, now, vintage shows like The Incredible HulkDungeons & Dragons, and Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends with new fare like RoboCop and Dino-Riders. To be honest, I was there for Spider-Man but hung around for Dino-Riders. The concept was crazy as a futuristic race was transported back in time to the Cretaceous period to battle their evil counterparts. The good guys where human and the bad guys were a variety of humanoid looking insects and reptiles. The series only lasted 14 episodes but was in short a long toy commercial. Enjoy this retro look at a crazy concept that today would go over like gangbusters today! #AFJ4LIFE

Marvel Action Universe

Dino-Riders - Original Promotional Video
God bless Youtube. Where else are you going to find complete promotional videos like this which probably ran at Toy Fair.

Dino-Riders Complete Collection
These complete collection commercials are great. This one showcases, quickly, all 22 figures!

Diplodocus, The Rulon Deinonychus and The Pteranodon
Do you think they should have some sort of warning about having dry ice used in the commercial, somewhere?

Diplodocus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Monoclonius
Buzzsaw knee caps? Damn, the Rulons aren't screwing around!

Triceratops Battle!
So the Triceratops had no loyalty to each other? If I remember correctly the Rulons brainwashed their dinos, where the good guys worked with them.

Dino-Riders: "The Adventure Begins" (Episode 1)
Again, YouTube has the first episode for your viewing pleasure!

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