Exclusive Kingdom Hearts Action Figures Now at Walgreens!

The hunt begins! Diamond Select Toys has announced that their Kingdom Hearts Walgreens Exclusives are now available in stores! Below you will find all the details and images of their latest releases. #AFJ4LIFE

Press Release: Since the start of the Kingdom Hearts action figure line by Diamond Select Toys, Walgreens has carried their own single-pack assortments, each with an exclusive figure. Now, with the third Kingdom Hearts game imminent, a new assortment of figures has arrived!
Series 2.5, available exclusively at Walgreens, features a figure of hero Sora in his Drive Form, a unique color scheme exclusive to this assortment. Also in the series are exclusive single packs of a Dusk -- one of the Heartless Nobodies -- and hero Donald Duck with side characters Chip and Dale, Disney’s lovable chipmunks.

Previous exclusives have included Pluto (Series 1), Final Form Sora (Series 1.5), Birth By Sleep Mickey (Series 1.5) and Timeless River Sora (Series 2). Future exclusives include Timeless River Pete (Series 3).

Find a Walgreens store at Walgreens.com!

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