First New MEGO Figures of 2019 Emerge (UPDATED, AGAIN)

Updates posted under the original announcement! 

We are eagerly awaiting what wave 4 or the first wave of 2019 of Mego figures will be. In the Mego Ambassador Facebook Group, Mego Corp has revealed two figures already. The first of those figures is a 14-inch Black Manta figure (seen below). The other is a bit of a surprise, but the reasoning behind it is sound. Joe Namath will return to the Mego toyline. Full details and product image below.

Both are solid choices, Junkies. However, we are eagerly waiting on the next Universal Monster as well as that long-rumored Blade Runner two-pack. If that the second one of those sound crazy, remember, the first Blade Runner film takes place in 2019. #AFJ4LIFE

Update (1-12-2019): We were wondering if Farrah Fawcett would be getting a Charlie's Angels Mego, that might still happen, however, this far outshines that potential release. The Mego Museum broke the news!

From the Mego Museum: "Mego Corp has been busy bringing back some of their biggest names of the 1970s with the announcement of Muhammad Ali, Joe Namath and now in a MegoMuseum exclusive reveal, Farrah Fawcett is set to return to the World’s Greatest Toy Company". (see full piece HERE)
Update (1-10-2019): The first two releases are posted below. Mego Corp, which has just launched a new Instagram (HERE). Released their latest figure in the "LEGENDS" line, Muhammed Ali.

Press Release: "Here’s a sneak peek of the 'Greatest of All Time'!"

Previously Mego announced for 2019 (posted 1-8-2019): 

From the Mego Ambassadors: Joe Namath was the first Licensed “Action Figure” that Marty launched. He is now back again as an official Mego and will be available at just in time to celebrate his 50th Anniversary of the greatest Super Bowl prediction and win of all time. We absolutely love Joe and are so honored to have worked with him on creating this amazing tribute to arguably the greatest football moment of all time!!!

Check out what’s included...a signed SBIII Football, helmet and shoulder pads (pads are visible on the outside so you can see they’re there).
From Mego Museum: Mego Corp. gave fans a taste of what 2018 has to offer in the form of this awesome 14″ Black Manta figure. Can Aquaman be in the same wave (pun intended)? I think we know that answer.

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