FUNKO has had a banner 2015 so it is time for the company behind the wildly POP! VINYLS to reveal what they have in stores for the holiday season. The little company that could from the Pacific Northwest has become an unprecedented powerhouse with the explosion of their POP! VINYLS this past year. From the hard core HOT TOYS & SIDESHOW collector to the guys and gals that stick with whats on the pegs at their local department store, POPS! are for everyone at an affordable price. Now with the holidays just weeks away, FUNKO has take the POP formula and used it on other key items that you are just going to need to buy ASAP for 2016! This way you can FUNKO-ize your entire living space to meet the standards of FREDDY FUNKO and his minions who are working round the clock to bring us the hottest holiday merchandise at an affordable price. These items are also going to be available at one of AFJ'S corporate partners, NYC'S landmark So, lets dive in and see what we can expect to find when we finally decide to brave the traffic and the mall parking and get our holiday shopping done.



Yes, that's right, the POP! formula was very proud to announce the "POP! HOME" line earlier this year at the International New York Toy Fair way back in February. Well no, the POP! HOME line has come to fruition and his hitting all of the major vendors you would expect to find FUNKO's top-shelf products at to purchase. If you just cannot seem to get enough of your POP VINYLS while you are sleeping, then it is time for you and the kids to wake up to the very first series of POP! HOME 12-ounce ceramic mugs that feature some of Marvel Comics most recognizable and iconic heroes. So prepare to have your hot cocoa with marshmallows or steamed latte in style with the new POP mugs. The first wave of mugs is going to feature none other than IRON MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, HULK & SPIDER-MAN! For just $9.99 apiece, these new POP influenced mugs are a no-brainer and make a most excellent stocking stuffer. More characters are to follow in the next few months to get in on the POP mug craze now before Wave 1 sells out! To order them ASAP, try AFJ's special link here:


The eternal struggle between the top two condiments in the world continues and FUNKO is going to make it that much more fun to pick between Salt & Pepper! That's right, adding a few shakes to your food can finally be fun! And seriously, how cool looking are these guys and if they can help parents to get their kids to finish their vegetables, then all the better! These flavorful heroes stand at 4-inches tall and are just $14.99 a set. To order them now, just click AFJ'S special link:



I am really wishing that they had these when I was in grade school because of anything POP! makes it more fun! These collectible POP! MARVEL PEN TOPPERS are terrific for both kids and adults alike and will definitely show the little ones that learning is super cool. If you have the right apparatus to write with, you can accomplish anything! An entire case of pens includes 4 IRON MAN, 4 HULK, 4 SPIDER-MAN & 4 CAPTAIN AMERICA. A case on EntertainmentEarth will run you around $79.99 but you'll be able to find these for only around $5 bucks apiece. So pick your favorite character and get ready to POP-ify your homework from school or the office. To order, click here: or take a visit to HOT TOPIC's website!




The iconic Amazonian Princess is due to have a very big year in 2016 with the release of Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Wonder Woman will be playing a big part in the film that is set to launch a Justice League film franchise as well as a solo Wonder Woman movie. If there is one thing that is transparent about Wonder Woman, it is most definitely her Invisible Jet that she gets around in! The cutest FUNKO line there is, DORBZ, is proud to introduce the newest addition to the brand with "DORBZ RIDEZ." That's right, you can finally not only bring home Wonder Woman but also her amazing method of transport! Fans that spent their childhood's spinning like Lynda Carter can finally have a piece of Wonder Woman for the ages all in an awesome package and the low, low price of just over $20. This one is a must-have for die-hard DORBZ fans so hurry up and pick it up before it sells out! Order yours here:





Although a new all-female GHOSTBUSTERS movie is set to hit in 2016, I have to say that NOTHING will ever eclipse the original 1984 blockbuster starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson & the late Harold Ramis. Almost 32 years later since the movie premiered, the demand for merchandise of the original GHOSTBUSTERS has not slowed down in any way! Thankfully, FUNKO has their adorable DORBZ reimagined as the original Fab Four being released so that we never forget the paranormal foursome that literally created the sci-fi comedy. FUNKO pays homage to them in this brand new DORBZ that will only run you a scant $7.99 apiece! That's a deal even Slimer would jump all over! To order your favorite Ghostbusting New Yorkers, simply click AFJ'S special EntertainmentEarth link here: Did I forget to mention that this is the first time that DORBZ from FUNKO will be introducing their first Chase Variants? That's right, keep your eyes peeled for Marshmallowed Ray & Slimed Peter in one out of every six pieces! Nice!


Will the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ever wane in popularity? It doesn't seem so as the pizza eating turtles from the sewer are headed back to the big screen for a big-time sequel to their 2014 hit. Not only are we getting the heroes in a half shell: Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael & Michelangelo, but along for the ride, this time are fan favorites Bepop and Rocksteady! That's right, prepare to say "Cowabunga" and prepare for a whole new wave of TMNT merchandise. First and foremost are these awesome looking new DORBZ that is sure to be a necessity in your burgeoning TMNT collection that you've been building since the '80s. Yes, its been that long since Eastman & Laird used their tax refund to created these American icons. Get in on this new DORBZ now and get your turtle power on. These are in-stock and ready to ship so click AFJ'S link and get them in your cart ASAP:



I was never a huge fan of the monthly subscription boxes that have been hitting the geek world harder than someone pushing you to cut into the FUNKO line at SDCC. However, when I heard that FUNKO was starting a MARVEL COLLECTORS CORPS, I just had to get in on it because since I learned how to read, my motto has been, "Make mine MARVEL." Now, once every other month I get an amazing box for just $25 a month that contains everything the dedicated MARVEL & FUNKO fan could want. Every box comes right to your doorstep with 100% Exclusive Premium Collectibles including apparel, accessories, and toys worth far more than what you paid! The debut box over the summer including an amazing, giant size HULKBUSTER POP! that has soared in price becoming a highly sought-after collectible. The t-shirts are super high quality and none of mine have shrunk a bit. Add on the pins and patches and this is an offer even Don Corleone couldn't refuse. To join up and become an official CORPS member, CLICK HERE:



You may have heard that a small film called STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS is being released on December 18th causing the entire world to fall into a collective Jedi Mind Trick to convince their bosses they need that day off. Now, FUNKO has teamed with STAR WARS to create the only OFFICIAL bi-monthly subscription box for both Jedi & Sith alike. Every last box is carefully curated and designed for the extremely dedicated STAR WARS fan. FUNKO has gone the extra Parsec to make sure that you are getting the absolute best and most original STAR WARS subscription box out there. No cheap knock-offs here, FUNKO is bringing you the official STAR WARS box for just $25 every other month. Each box delivered right to your door will include EXCLUSIVE STAR WARS themed FUNKO collectibles as well as a slew of other surprises that you might find in the swamps of Dagobah. Here's the kicker, the box is valued at well over $50 making this a no-brainer for all of you Padawans out there destined to learn the Force. Everything STAR WARS is white hot right now so get your orders in before the movie is released and fans go into light speed to get a piece of the SMUGGLER'S BOUNTY. To order, just click here:


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