By Jarrett Kruse

FUNKO is putting the fun back in toys. They are a company on a mission and I am snatching up every piece of their waves that I can get my hands on. Their showing at the International Toy Fair last month was one of epic proportions. And its not just the ReAction figures that the intrepid Bob Trate just reported on, no no. The FUNKO LEGACY Collections are most impressive and are coming out with some serious contenders for the six-inch figure market. Not only are they continuing with their GAME OF THRONES figures, they are releasing a movie accurate ROCKETEER, a wave of FIREFLY figures and already released a wave of figures from the awesome and totally underrated Wes Anderson opus, FANTASTIC MR. FOX. So with a new player on the 6-inch figure market, why not use it as an excuse to make one of AFJ’s soon to be legendary list stories? Here are ten movies I think deserve some 6-inch figure love so weigh in Junkies.



Since they already seem to be in good with the Wes Anderson people, why not capitalize on that relationship and take some of his other movies and give them the figure treatment. First off I am a self professed Wes Anderson movie nut and love anything that the guy makes. I think it is my fondness for father and son type story lines that seem to permeate his oeuvre that keep me coming back. Plus each frame of film he shoots feels like it is a jam packed postcard that gives you the most out of everything. That being said, Anderson’s characters are comical enough that they lend themselves to getting the plastic treatment. And if there is a reason to make more figures of Bill Murray, I am on board. So if I had to pick an Anderson flick to get the 6-inch LEGACY treatment, it is the THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU. Here are some figures I want to see from the Wes Anderson classic from 2004.

*Steve Zissou
*Ned Plimpton
*Eleanor Zissou
*Jane Winslett-Richardson
*Klaus Daimler
*Allistair Hennessey
*Oseary Drakoulious
*Vladimir Wolodarsky
*Bill Ubell (Bond Stooge)



Call it being born in the late 70’s and growing up in the 80’s but one of my main childhood highlights is pretending to be John Travolta doing “Greased Lightning” on my parents fireplace. All these years later, it is hard to still not love GREASE and lets face it folks, it is not exactly a “clean” movie. The whole narrative is about turning a nice Austrailian girl into a total slut by the last frame. If you listen to the lyrics of the aforementioned “Greased Lightning,” you will be surprised at just how graphic it is. The movie is filled with sexual references but under the cloak of the late 1950’s and All-American kids, it flew under the radar by its monster pop soundtrack and became a global smash. Danny Zuko will always be the coolest of the school and Sandra Dee will always be one smoking hot bitty. Time to introduce the 21st century to the classic that is the GREASE universe and what better way than giving us some action figures? The last Travolta figure we had was when he played Barbarino on WELCOME BACK, KOTTER. Its time already. Can you dig it? I knew that you could.

*Danny Zuko (T-Bird)
*Danny Zuko (Letterman Variant)
*Sandra Dee (Schoolgirl)
*Sandra Dee (Final scene black leathers)
*Patti Simcox



The action movie to end all action movies and we have only gotten one John McClane figure since 1988! Bruce Willis became a household name as the cop that breaks all the rules in the seminal 80’s actioner. It is the action movie against which all action movies have become measured against. How many times have we heard about a new action movie and the critic says, “its DIE HARD in an amusement park. Its DIE HARD on a plane. Its DIE HARD in a suburban shopping mall, etc” It is the gold standard of action movies and it still holds up 27 years later. Plus it has one of the greatest villains in cinema history in Alan Rickman’s Hans Gruber. So lets salute super cop John McClane in classic plastic form already with mad articulation, blood stained wife beater tee and glass cut feet! Yippee ki yay indeed.

*John McClane
*Hans Gruber
*Holly McClane
*Sgt. Al Powell
*Richard Thornberg



Yes FUNKO is giving us THE KARATE KID ReACTION figures and I am crazy thankful for that. BUT, I have been waiting since 1984 for a solid realization of the 80’s greatest underdog story to be realized in plastic. While ReACTION figures are fun, they are what we should have originally had 31 years ago. That being said, we have some crazy technology today and the entire Larusso-verse can finally be realized in all its awesomeness. So I want it all and I won’t let up until the project is crowd funded and its goal met because the movie still holds up today. Kids today would never be allowed to be in a karate tournament without a million pads, headgear, referees, lawyers, camera phones, etc. Back then it was old school. You could not call home for a few hours and wouldn’t have to worry about Google Earth tracking you down. So lets all sweep the leg, wax on wax off and do the crane, Junkies style.

*Daniel Larusso (Ringer tee, headband)
*Daniel Larusso (All-Valley Tournament karate uniform, headband)
*Mr. Miyagi
*Johnny (All-Valley tournament Cobra Kai karate uniform, headband)
*Johnny (Halloween skeleton)
*Bobby (All Valley tournament Cobra Kai karate uniform)
*Bobby (Halloween skeleton)
*Creese (Cobra Kai sensei)
*Dutch (All Valley tournament Cobra Kai karate uniform)
*Dutch (Halloween skeleton)



In the last issue of the now defunct Toyfare Magazine, there was a blurb three sentences long that filled me with giddy, fanboy delight. The brief article let readers know that Mattel had picked up the license to my favorite trilogy: BACK TO THE FUTURE. My toy junkie heart leapt at the thought of the toy giant starting a specific club on, in the same way they did for Masters of the Universe, Ghostbusters and Voltron. And then the Hoverboard replica debacle of 2012 happened. But I have bounced back and since they must already have the license (see last years BTTF ReACTION figures), I’m gonna need this whole 6-inch articulated thing to happen already. Its been thirty years since the original film debuted and I can’t live in a world where the only Marty McFly available is from HOT TOYS and will cost me a months paycheck. Please FUNKO, you’re my only hope. So get it up to 88 MPH and pronto!

*Marty McFly 1985
*Marty McFly 1985 Variant (in radiation suit)
*Marty McFly 1955 with skateboard
*Doc Brown 1985
*Doc Brown 1955
*Lorraine McFly
*Biff Tannen
*George McFly



It’s in the hole! God I love CADDYSHACK. It is perhaps the greatest sports movie about golf ever. The worst golf movie ever was of course CADDYSHACK II. The original is the late Harold Ramis’ master opus and will be quoted for generations to come, I guarantee it. So outside of the Gopher, why have we never been blessed with the plastic immortalizations of the good citizens of Bushwood Country Club? The movie gets better with age and seems determined to stay in my top 10 desert island movies. Chevy, Rodney and Bill kill it in the seminal movie that pits the snobs versus the slobs. Crass? Definitely. Offensive? Hells. Would we have it any other way? A resounding “No.” Now give us some figures.

*Ty Webb
*Al Czervik
*Carl Spackler
*Judge Elihu Smalls
*Danny Noonan
*Lacey Underall
*The Gopher



I know, you know, that I’m not telling the truth. Possibly one of the greatest theme songs ever on one of the 21st centuries most epic procedural murder comedies. James Roday and Dule Hill lasted for eight glorious seasons as the titular Shawn Spencer and Burton “Gus” Guster on USA. The show is still being discovered by some and had a close connection to those involved in “Con Culture” as I like to call it. I was late to the party with PSYCH and did not start watching it until 2011 before voraciously devouring every season and then reviewed the last two for a website. If ever there were two big kids in prime time worthy of getting their plastic likeness, it is Shawn and Gus, Santa Barbara’s greatest living sleuths.

*Shawn Spencer
*Burton “Gus” Guster
*Henry Spencer
*Detective Carlton Lassiter
*Detective Juliet O’Hara
*Chief Vick
*Coroner Woody Strode



Director Martin Brest is the king of the action comedy in my book with both BEVERLY HILLS COP and MIDNIGHT RUN. Eddie Murphy was a star before he starred in COP but his detour to swanky Beverly Hills made him a comedic life force. Axel Foley was the sharp, foul mouthed Detective from Detroit out to catch his best friends killer in the 1984 blockbuster. So I ask the same question I have asked countless times, why has there never been a line of BEVERLY HILLS COP action figures? Not only is Eddie brilliant, the supporting cast is amazing with Detectives Rosewood and Taggart, Captain Bogamill and Jenny Summers. Lets not forget baddie Victor Maitland played by Steven Berkoff. I have seen some brilliant custom jobs of Detroit’s favorite son and it really wowed the AFJ Facebook page. Rumors abound that Eddie is returning to the Hills with director Brett Ratner (RUSH HOUR) at the helm. Maybe if a fourth installment hits theaters, we will get to see some figures. Its a longshot but a guys gotta dream.

*Axel Foley
*Detective Rosewood
*Detective Taggart
*Captain Bogamill
*Jenny Summers
*Victor Maitland



The testosterone fueled slice of Americana has never had an action figure line. The movie proved that close to thirty years later fans still have “the need for speed.” So where are the action figures for mega-star Tom Cruise’s ultimate 80’s flick? The possibilities are endless for this property and since the death of director Tony Scott a few years back put the kaybosh on any TOP GUN sequels, this is a great time to capitalize on said need for speed. At its core Top Gun is the all-American movie that was pure 80’s adrenaline with flight sequences we had never seen before. The “dogfighting” scenes from Tony Scott’s film were landmark and still hold up against any of the CGI nonsense we have seen in theaters some three decades later. The Top Gun logo and iconography has become a worldwide brand and is ready made to be in 6-inch plastic form. I just do not think that 3 & ¾ inch figures will do this line justice.

*Maverick in Top Gun flight suit with helmet accessory
*Goose in Top Gun flight suit with helmet accessory
*Iceman in Top Gun flight suit with helmet accessory
*Charlie in business suit
*Maverick in bomber jacket and aviator shades
*Slider in Top Gun flight suit with helmet accessory



Yes I am stuck in the 80’s and still love Chevy Chase. The best undercover journalist in Los Angeles has achieved cult status since his debut 30 years ago. I am not asking for big things with this line, I simply want FLETCH and that is it. No reboot of the comedy will pass muster with me and its greatest chance was when Kevin Smith hinted interest at directing Jason Lee in but it never came to pass. I have Harold Faltermeyer’s theme from the movie as my current ringtone. Yes I am that obsessed. Just give me Fletch and put on the Underhill’s American Express card.



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