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When I saw ReACTION was going to be coming out with figures from a classic 1997 science fiction/action movie by the name of The Fifth Element. I simply said, awesome! Really wondered how they would do these figures as I probably watched this movie somewhere near 50 times throughout the years. I am a huge Bruce Willis fan, but the first movie in which I saw Milla Jovovich is what I am talking about. I was in my teenage years when this movie came out and I must say I developed a huge crush on her and have had one ever since. The movie itself was a good movie, odd story but refreshing. It provided a solid amount of action and even comedic parts to it. There have been a few Milla Jovovich figures released out there mostly, in the 1:12 scale for the resident evil figures, but never one of this size. For Willis, the closest to the 3 ¾” size was the G.I.Joe Retaliation “Joe” figure, which captured some of his likenesses but still did not feel accurate. Out of this movie line, I decided to only purchase Dallas and Leeloo as I felt those two characters had the most impact on my viewing as I enjoyed their characters most, and that is why I decided to review these two for now.

funko reaction the fifth element - korben dallas action figureThe mini Bruce Willis, well upon first looking at this the figure I thought the package was stellar, the movie cover is captured in the picture on the very eye appealing. The card itself though is not as strong as I would like it. As with most of the ReACTION figures, the cards could benefit from a little beefing up to help with the durability, especially for those that would like to keep their figure in the package and on display. The figure, however, for its limited 5 points of articulation is decent, the likeness of Willis is there, it does look a little too “cookie cutter” where it does not look as rugged as Willis does and does not have the facial textures that we have come to known. As well as his hair is flat and I felt it should have appeared to be “shaved” on the sides like a faded look and puffer on top. However, again due to the size it does fit quite well within my collection. The clothing is missing the jacket that Korben wears in the movie, which would have been a nice touch. He does have his orange tank top but the pants are a little too bright green for my liking, I would have preferred them to be a little duller. Finally, he does come equipped with his heavy blaster pistol, which finishes the figure nicely.

As with Korben’s card, the artwork on the card is fantastic. The beauty that is used into capturing the movie like feeling is wonderful. But there are some flaws in the figure that I feel can be corrected hopefully, for perhaps future Fifth Element 6” figures??? Fingers crossed, but with LeeLoo the detail of her face again possess that plain undetailed look. Milla Jovovich has that distinctive look about her particularly, because of her attractive eyes. Again, due to the size, I do not expect the fine detail of her eyes to be detailed in a 3 ¾” figure. The design though is spot on with her clothing; it captures the outfit that she is wearing in the movie quite nicely. One of the other fine items that accompany this figure is the ID card that LeeLoo uses in the movie. I would have liked a colored image of sorts to be on the little piece of plastic, but I understand that not every detail can be done. As with all of the ReAction figures that I collect these are going to look great sitting on the shelf, But I wouldn’t mind a taxi to be released for Dallas. Who knows, maybe FUNKO will start releasing movie based vehicles as well.

funko reaction the fifth element - korben dallas action figure


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