By Jarrett Kruse

There are BACK TO THE FUTURE fans and then there is me. For 30 years I have obsessed over the minutiae of the McFly/Brown mythos studying the films far harder than I studied for any exam in college. Nothing in the trilogy ever gets old to me. Ever. And this is a big year for BTTF, a very big year. So, I tried to tell you Junkies a few months back that FUNKO's VINYL IDOLZ were going to be the next big thing in collectibles. Now I can give myself a pat on the back as prognosticator of prognosticators in the toy biz! All kidding aside, FUNKO was nice enough to send me my two favorite characters in my favorite trilogy of all time. I had the look of an 8 year old boy when I opened the package that I had no idea was coming. Finally, almost foot tall iterations of Doc & Marty to go along with the rest of my BACK TO THE FITURE items to celebrate the franchises 30th anniversary. Inside the package, both Doc & Marty stand around a foot tall but once you take them out of the package they are a little smaller with Doc obviously being bigger than the diminutive Marty. The details are ridiculously accurate as far as from film to toy.


Marty McFly is equipped with his trusty video camera from the Twin Pines Mall experiment as well as his skateboard. There is no “swoosh” on Marty’s sneakers but that probably would have cost an arm and a leg to get the rights of from NIKE. No big deal for me though because Marty even has his headphones around his neck. You cannot move any of the props on the figure but there really is no need to. I will say that the look of all of the VINYL IDOLZ harkens back to the animation style of the FOX show BOB’S BURGERS. Its hard not to see at least a tiny resemblance but shoving that aside, I absolutely love the look of the VINYL IDOLZ. Like the POP Vinyl craze, it is the similarities that keep us coming back to see fresh characters in this vintage style that FUNKO has come up with. Even on Marty’s rolled up sleeve on his denim jacket are the little touches that mirror exactly what we see in the sci-fi comedy classic. Its all about the details for me and VINYL IDOLZ are chock full of them.


Doc Brown is so easily identifiable as Christopher Lloyd that it beats even last years ReAction figure. That’s right FUNKO, you’ve outdone yourself! Complete with his tool belt and remote control that launches the DeLorean to 88 MPH, I was seriously amazed at what they included on the figure. Even the stopwatch around Doc’s neck is there that I totally forgot about. Plus, I forgot to mention that both figures come with a stand which is perfect if you are getting a VINYL IDOLZ piece for an office mate for the upcoming holidays. At $20, these are great “Secret Santa” gifts for around the office. Right now, Doc & Marty along with other 80’s staples, the GHOSTBUSTERS are pretty much sold out all over the web but I highly recommend checking out the following link to see if they are back in stock:


All in all, I am a huge fan of FUNKO’s VINYL IDOLZ and see these becoming just as popular as POP Vinylz once they have a little time out there on the more popular retail sites and your local comic shops. FUNKO even already released some Variants at SDCC ’15 back in July where all of the GHOSTBUSTERS had marshmallow or slime on them! So, keep an eye out for those variants that are sure to be made once the line gains more popularity. Thanks to Yoko at FUNKO for sending AFJ these goodies to play with and report back to the Junkie-verse!

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