This figure could not have arrived on a better day. That is to say that today is the official launch of the ACTION FIGURE JUNKIES is today. So when I arrived home to a package, I knew that it was serendipitous and the plastic gods were shining down on me. So, first off let me say that I am not a gamer. I dabble with my XBOX occasionally and normally only play sports games or Guitar Hero. Quest games with storylines are just out of my realm and depth of attention span. However, that is not to say that I do not marvel in the awesomeness of the digitally created worlds. So as a die hard Bat-fan, I have kept a close eye on the Batman video games of the past few years because the games have spawned some amazing figures for me to collect.

The RED HOOD has always struck me as a wild card of a character because it has two sides to its origin, the old and the new. Because of that, it has established itself to the forefront of Bat-baddies because even the old time comic collectors know of the Red Hood. That being said, let's dive right into this GAMESTOP EXCLUSIVE figure that at $24.99 is a bargain in this Junkies opinion. From an aesthetic point of view, the figure is stunning. It is gritty looking and looks like it just jumped out of the comic book panel. The paint job is done in a way that makes it look like this character has been down and dirty fighting for his chosen cause in Gotham City. While the pics leading up to the release made it look like the head/face would be somewhat hidden by its hood are erroneous. In fact, the head is actually quite bright and shiny making it less mysterious than I would have liked. But to each his own. It is definitely a figure that is easy to spot on your shelf after you set him up in your best badass pose.

The RED HOOD costume is pretty sleek and GENTLE GIANT really nails it. No detail is overlooked and although I was never a huge fan of his suit in the books, it really comes to life as a figure. I particularly like what they did with his boots that look like something a Knight would wear. The side holsters and the utility belt are pretty dope as well. This is one of those rare occasions where I like the figure more than I do seeing the character on the printed page. Bonus points for the figure standing almost 7-inches tall making it a formidable foe for your favorite Bat-figure. The figure has excellent articulation, particularly in the shoulder area. I mention this because the figure comes with two very large pistols that reminded me of the gun the original ROBOCOP used. Very cool on the guns. There is some swivel on the neck but not a heck of a lot but it is really not a figure that is centric to the face because it is still rather hidden. There are hinges on the knees and solid articulation at the biceps and elbows. I also like the torso movement and it is not overwhelming like it is on some smaller scale figures.

One of my key likes on this piece is the new packaging that DC COLLECTIBLES has embraced. It is cool and compact and there is not as much extra cardboard or plastic that goes to waste. That's not a statement about the environment, its simply to say that more packaging is not necessarily better when it comes to action figures. It looks like DC is going after the MARVEL LEGENDS crowd with this new type of packaging. Overall, a definite bonus without overkill. All in all, I am really digging this figure and it is a definite must-have for Bat-fans of both the comic and the canon in general. And of course, if you are a fan of the Arkham games, this needs to be in your collection. #AFJ4LIFE

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