Written by Rick Alaia

Ok, so there's pretty big news breaking today regarding the Neca Gamestop exclusive TMNT Movie (reissue) figures, Junkies!

The pre-order portion on Gamestop's website has been turned off. Usually, this happens when stock is released. Considering the official street date is 2/6/19 it's not that uncommon. However, many Junkies have had their online payments refunded and orders canceled. The current speculation is that GameStop over sold pre-orders and are now canceling those orders out. There's been no official statement from NECA as of this moment on what's going on and if/when more will ever be available.

So the answers we want to hear from you are, did your order get canceled? If so, when did you place your pre-order for the Turtles? Sound off, Junkies!

Check out the GameStop page for yourself HERE.

UPDATE: 2-6-2019
NECA has announced via Twitter that more TMNT products are on their way. See their responses HERE.

UPDATE: 2-6-2019
Our good buddy, Toy Shiz, spotted this response from NECA, via Twitter. Clearly, no one involved realized the popularity for this incarnation of the Turtles.  - Robert Trate

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