Ghostbusters Toy Commercials for #GhostbusterDay 2019

To celebrate #GhostbustersDay 2019, we decide to dedicate this week's Saturday Retro Toy Column to the Ghostbusters. Now, we know that this year the Ghostbusters and Sony Pictures are celebrating the 35th-anniversary of the original film. However, we dove deep into the spin-off cartoon series The Real Ghostbusters' Kenner toys. What's amazing is how unique so many of these toys were. Hopefully, Diamond Select Toys, who has made new figures of The Real Ghostbusters, will start making some of the ghosts as well. Enjoy, Junkies! #AFJ4LIFE

The Real Ghostbusters
So many great figures and SLIME, er, Ectoplasma!

Ghostbusters Ghost Trap
I need one of these, seriously, it looks cooler than the one you got from MattyCollector.

Ghostbusters Ecto-1
This is easily one of the best vehicles ever made by Kenner. An essential piece in collecting Ghostbusters toys!

The Real Ghostbusters Peter Venkman, Tombstone Tackle, and Terror Trash
I cannot believe that Diamond Select Toys has not dived into making these classic ghost/ monster figures again.

Firehouse Playset
A buddy of mine got one at a yard sale in the '90s, complete with figures, for $8.00! True story! Yes, he still has it!

The Real Ghostbusters - Slimed Heroes
I want that and that Ecto-Bomber! These toys are awesome!

Sludge Bucket and Bad-to-the-Bone
Again, great crazy figures!

TRENDMASTERS Extreme Ghostbusters Proton Pack
This is only from 1996! When did this happen in pop culture?

Wanted Humans
Granny Gross and X-Cop are two classic figures from the line. Tombstone Tackle, again, needs to be remade by DST for their new line!

The Real Ghostbusters Proton Pack, Ghost Popper Gun
I cannot believe that NERF hasn't tackled these, again. Perhaps with the new film coming out in a few years?!

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