Happy Saturday, Junkies! With the release of Godzilla: King of Monsters this week, we thought we would dive into some Godzilla toy spots. What we found in the rabbit hole that is YouTube were a lot of Godzilla 1998 commercials. Fear not, we only supplied two below. Yes, we know that is not the real Godzilla. We did find some cool video and board game spots for the big green guy. Enjoy! #AFJ4LIFE

Mattel Shogun Warriors Godzilla
The greatest Godzilla toy ever created!

TRENDMASTERS Godzilla King of the Monsters
They never make wreckable cityscapes for Godzilla toys, yet always have them in the commercial.

Wait... Cyber-Godzilla? WTF?!

TRENDMASTERS Godzilla Doom Island
These look awesome! Without Toys R Us, I guess I have to resort to the internet to find these bad boys.

Godzilla Movie Combat Claw Action
If you are still wondering why the Godzilla film of 1998 failed, looked no further.

TRENDMASTERS Godzilla Wars VS Space Godzilla
Wait, there were Godzilla Wars? In all seriousness, what's the insurance like on your highrise apartment in downtown Tokoyo when there are Godzilla Wars on the books?

Godzilla: Save the Earth (Playstation 2)
Monsters that fight and smash a city?! Sign me up! Seriously, we need more games like this.

R/C Mechagodzilla Robot from Bandai 
This is one of those really cool toys you find in an import toy shop in New York City.

Mattel's Godzilla Game
Never knew this ever existed. Wow.

Godzilla Unleashed 
Now I would have played this for the Wii. All I ever did was fence and bowl. this looks chaotic.

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