IGN had an exclusive trailer release for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment's upcoming Gotham by Gaslight. This is an Elseworlds Tale where DC takes familiar characters and throws them into a whole new situation. For Gotham by Gaslight, we see Batman/ Bruce Wayne (voiced by Bruce Greenwood) at the turn of the 20th Century tracking down Jack the Ripper. The Ripper has brought his terror to Gotham, can Batman stop the most notorious serial killer of all time?

From IGN: "The Dark Knight's Elseworlds tale gets the animated movie treatment. Coming to Blu-ray and Digital in 2018."

Easily one of the best Elseworlds books DC has ever published. Hopefully, this will mark a new trend for Warner Home Entertainment and DC Entertainment because these stories are ripe with possibilities and not steeped in a long back history. All you really need to know is a basic origin of the main character and that the setting will be changed.

Personally, I cannot wait for Alan Brennert's "Batman: Holy Terror" to get green lighted! Enjoy the trailer Junkies!

If you cannot wait for Gotham by Gaslight, we suggest picking up the original comic (originally released in 1989) by Brian Augustyn (Black Mask) and drawn by Mike Mignola (Hellboy). There is also a DC Direct Action Figure to hunt for from years ago! Both seen below! #AFJ4LIFE

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