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I have had kind of a love/hate relationship with GOTHAM these past few months. While I have been and always will be a Bat-fanatic, GOTHAM really does take you down a very dark road in the backstory of the Dark Knight's home city. That is both good and bad and I say that only because there really are never any moments of levity...ever. In a comic book, you can get away with that but with a live action show, it can be a little difficult to pull off when you are always under a dark cloud. But with the "Rise of the Villains," I guess I have to come to accept that this is just how it is in the big city. I will say that I am kind of happy that the Fall finale is now over and that hopefully the second half will not have anything to do with Theo Galavan and the Order of St. Dumas. Galavan was entertaining at first but became a chore to deal with after a few episodes and I was pleased with what happens to him to in this episode. But you'll have to read on to find out exactly what happens!


When last we saw Theo Galavan, he had just kicked the crap out of Jim Gordon and left him to be beaten by a couple of corrupt uniform cops. He then showed up at Wayne Manor as young Bruce was finding dirt on Galavan's real family and true alliances. We were left with the cliffhanger of Bruce asking, "What do you want?" to Theo to which he answers, "your life." So we know that Theo has abducted Bruce as the final sacrifice and that he is the "Son of Gotham" they have been doing so much talking about the past few weeks. What Galavan did not realize was that the loyal Lucius Fox was in Wayne Manor helping Bruce but when he got back to the study, the boy billionaire was gone and a window open. Enough for Fox to bring it to the GCPD and report both Bruce and Alfred missing. Barnes won't accept it because its not 24 hours but extends the courtesy to Fox because it is Bruce Wayne after all. More on that later.


Jim was ironically saved by The Penguin and when he comes to he sees Nygma & Oswald having a grand old time. Gordon has to be wondering just what the hell Nygma's part in all of this is and why he even knows Penguin. Still, Penguin makes a strong case that if ever there was a time to work together against Galavan, it is now. It is strange because in a weird way, Jim and Oswald are kind of friends but not really enemies. However you slice it, its a really odd relationship but one of the most interesting on the show.

Alfred was able to get away from Tabitha last week by jumping into the back of a garbage truck and now he has been deposited at the landfill. Amongst all of the garbage, Tabitha and her goons are in hot pursuit of Alfred who is a world class hider amongst all of that garbage. Eventually he finds a portable fridge to hide in before it is buried with another layer of trash. Ucch.  When Tabitha tells Theo that she lost the butler he seems pissed but not as angry as when his niece Silver says she has a cold and does not feel up to watching the sacrifice of Bruce Wayne. Galavan then gets strict with her and challengers her to make Bruce fall in love with her all over again AND get a kiss before he dies with him as a witness. Only then will he let Silver stay with the family in a life of luxury and not put her on the street.

GOTHAMFINALE26    Meanwhile in some sort of church chamber underground, Bruce is in some sort of dressing gown for the sacrifice ceremony but seems as calm as always. Silver dresses up and glams up with makeup and tries to do her best to seduce him until Bruce says that she can stay if she likes. Silver continue to talk nonsense and is seemingly trying to lull Bruce into submission but it doesn't seem to be working. Bruce and Silver start to exchange memories and you really cannot tell if Silver is being genuine or is just trying to save her own ass. Finally she says she cannot let him die like this and because she is a Dumas, she can figure a way out for them. She gets a gun from one of the monk guards and shoots him in the kneecap and the two teens are off through a myriad of tunnels but not before Theo and company stop them. Back to the underground prison for them both.


Alfred finally gets free of the dump, only to get tased by a cop in the face after he tries to commandeer a vehicle from a Gotham civilian. All this time they're looking for Alf and he's passed out in a cell inside the GCPD! Meanwhile Jim Gordon is a wanted fugitive because of what he pulled in the courtroom last week and has not been seen since. However he is considered armed and dangerous despite being kidnapped and beaten. Barnes lets Alfred go after explaining what happened and warns him to stay out of it. But Harvey and Alfred and even Lucius are going to stop at nothing in retrieving Jim and then Bruce much to the chagrin of Barnes. I like Chiklis as Captain Barnes and its almost like he wants his cops to go against his orders. You just know he's going to give them a pass as long as they only bend the law. Barnes does tell Lee that Jim is like a son to him and he does not know what is going on with his erratic behavior. Nygma is at work and starts to laugh when they are all discussing how they don't know Jim's whereabouts. Right away its obvious he knows something, expels a riddle that Lucius decrypts right away. What I was wondering was why was Nygma not arrested for knowing Jim's whereabouts or being in the center of this whole thing? Or for boarding The Penguin at his apartment? Sooner or later, Nygma has to get into some type of trouble right?


Lee finds Jim with Penguin and tells him that she is very much pregnant and that they have to end this and get the hell out of Gotham. As they have a friendly goodbye with Oswald, they are ready to leave in their 60's style car (ALL the vehicles on GOTHAM look like they are from the 50's & 60's much like the original BATMAN '89 film). Just before they drive off, Alfred, Bullock and Fox show up and tell Jim that Galavan has Bruce. With child or not, Gordon has to do this and Lee says to call her when its over.

Back in the underground chamber/cell, Silver says she loves Bruce but he flips it on her.  Bruce says he knows that the attempted escape was a ghoulish charade and he tells her, "I don't love you, I pity you." When Bruce asks why she does this Silver divulges what will happen to her if Theo does not witness both the declaration of love and a kiss from the future Batman. Bruce tries to convince her that she can change but she says their is no hope to going back to normal. When Theo comes to get Bruce, he turns to Silver, tells her he loves her and plants one on her saving the life of the heiress of Dumas. However she is still forced to watch the pending sacrifice of Bruce Wayne, the Son of Gotham.

GOTHAM: L-R: James Frain and guest star Ron Rifkin in the “Rise of the Villains: Worse Than A Crime” episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, Nov. 30 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Nicole Rivelli/ FOX

Gordon and his crew along with Penguin and his goon squad are going in heavy and "The Cat" Selina is along for the ride. It amazes how wise beyond her years Selina is and out of all of these career criminals, she actually has a way into the building that no one else has. She is considered an equal amongst these adults, both good and bad. Bruce is being prepared for the ritual and Ron Rifkin playing the leader of the order gets the chanting going as Bruce is strung up on a pole. Over and over, its "Death to the Son of Gotham!" Silver is watching and just as he goes in with a knife bigger than the diminutive actor, the golden haired Dumas protests and the proceedings stop giving Gordon, Penguin and their men enough time to storm the place. They off the monks in easy fashion but naturally Theo, Silver and Tabitha get away to their penthouse where there are two parachutes. Presumably the chutes are for the brother and sister but Theo continues taunting Silver despite Tabitha's objections. Right when he is about to take her life, Tabitha hits Theo over the head knocking him out leaving enough time for both girls to parachute into the night. Looks like the luck of the Order of the Dumas is over because just then, Gordon enters to arrest Galavan.


Gordon assures him that this time he will get the chair and Galavan starts to talk big. Barnes storms in and says they're gonna do all of this by the book and tells Jim to drop his weapon and get on the floor. Penguin then knocks out Barnes and gives a rousing speech to Gordon reminding him to "think of the greater good" and how Galavan will most likely walk again because of his billions and the courts in his pocket. The speech from Penguin really resonated because the next scene we see Penguin and Jim opening a trunk by the docks (What would an episode of GOTHAM be without a trip to the docks??) with Galavan inside. Apparently Penguin and Jim are now a team with Oswald first beating the crap out of Theo before Jim puts a slug in him. And you know what? It seemed like the right thing to do after the hell Galavan has put Jim through. As the sun comes up, Jim meets up with Lee and tells her its over and then asks her to marry him to which she just smiles.


Finally at Indian Hill (A Wayne Enterprises holding), a fresh body is wheeled in where a doctor mentions a Professor Strange. Obviously its gotta be Hugo Strange and some foreshadowing for next year. Inside the bodybag is Theo Galavan with two-thirds of an umbrella shoved down his throat!! Classic death scene! And lastly, a man runs through an alley looking for cover, clearly terrified of whoever is chasing him. We then see who at first, I thought it was a resurrected Firefly but its not, it is the one, the only....wait for it, wait for iiittt......MR. FREEZE!! So cool!! I already want the action figure!


Overall I was happy with this episode putting an end to the tiresome Theo Galavan and the Order of Dumas. I had just had it already with this character and the whole monk thing was never even really explained except that they were descendants of Galavan's family? Or were they just followers? If they were all members of the family and billionaires, couldn't they afford nicer duds? I don't know, I'm just happy its over. Hopefully when GOTHAM returns in February, there will be more Bat-related stuff coming as Bruce is getting older and show runner Bruno Heller has to be plotting out the third season for the Fall of 2016. The Fall finale definitely gained an extra star for the excellent death of Galavan and the introduction of Mr. Freeze played by anyone but Schwarzenegger.

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