The Greater Philadelphia Comic Con transpired over the weekend and Action Figure Junkies attended hoping to catch a few choice cosplayers. In all our years of attending conventions from one coast to another, one continent or another, the con experience has really changed. Yes, they have become more crowded and more expensive. One of the things that have actually improved is the level of Cosplay.The Greater Philadelphia Comic Con was a great example of this. Check out this mad collection of costumes, fans, and artists who helped make our con experience all the more enjoyable.

Walt Disney - Frozen's ElsaDC Comics - The Joker and Harley Quinn
Marvel Studios - Doctor Strange
Walt Disney - Tron: Legacy 
VoltronThe Dark Knight - The Joker and Commissioner Gordon 
Futurama - Bender
G.I. JOE - Cobra Commander from the "Cold Slither"episode
Marvel Comics - Spider-Gwen (Mania)
The CW - Arrow
Suicide Squad - Joker (that's a little kid, FYI)
Power Rangers - Pink Ranger & Red Ranger
Marvel Comics - Easter Deadpool
Lord of the Rings - Sauron and a Wizard
DC Comics - Dr. FateMarvel Comics - Lady Loki and Lady Thor
DC Comics - Darkseid
Futurama - Zoidberg
When Disney Met Saban - Lord Zedd, Elsa, and Goldar
DC Comic/ Mirage Studios Crossover - Turtle Flash
Saban - The Power Rangers and Rita Repulsa (2017)
Power Puff Girls - HIM
Alien - Alien Warrior
DC Comics - Mister Miracle 
DC Cosplayers
Star Wars - Prototype Boba Fett
Transformers - Samurai Optimus Prime
Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Old Luke Skywalker and Rey
Marvel Studios - Guardians of the Galaxy
The CW - The Flash and Zoom


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