The Greater Philadelphia Comic Con descended upon Oaks, PA this weekend and AFJ was there. AFJ loves the Greater "Philly" Con because it is a hassle-free event. A great venue, easy to get to food, and above all great cosplayers. At this point, in Con Season, many are just honing their outfits for the season, trying things out, and above, they are gearing up the creativity. We were impressed with the robots we saw and applaud the Cosplayers who spend months working on these outfits. We also love the people who just do it for the fun it. Enjoy, Junkies and look for our "Into Wild" episode of the Con coming soon.

Editor's Note: Look for AFJ's Keymaster, MJ Ortiz, who was graciousness enough to provide some scale for one of the Cosplayers outfits.

Dark Helmet - Spaceballs

Elsa - Frozen
DSC03148Kiki- Kiki's Delivery Service / Obi-Wan Kenobi - Attack of the Clones
DSC03150Batman, Robin, and Batgirl 
DSC03152Lieutenant Jim Dangle - Reno 911 / Bob Ross
DSC03154K-2SO - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
DSC03156Jubilee - X-Men
DSC03162Optimus Prime - Transformers (G1)DSC03166Link - Zelda/ Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad
Python Viper, Cobra Commander, Cobar Viper - G.I. JoeDSC03172Prince Robot IV - SAGA
"Bat-Dude" (Batman meets Ghostbusters) / SupergirlDSC03180Weeping Angel - Doctor Who
Raven- Teen TitansDSC03184Marvel Girl - X-Men
DSC03186Harely Quinn - Suicide Squad (Comic)
DSC03187Batman - Justice League
DSC03188Knights of the Zodiac (Manga)
DSC03189Darkseid - DC Comics
DSC03190MJ Ortiz - Action FIgure Junkies/ Ironhide - Transformers
DSC03193Storm and T'Challa (aka The Black Panther) - Black Panther
DSC03201The Vision - Avengers: Infinity War


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