Green Goblin Prequel TV Series in the Works

A source close to AFJ has revealed to us that Dave Franco, James Franco's brother, is in talks to play a young Norman Osborn for a new TV series. Yes, Norman Osborn, better known in comic book circles as Spider-Man’s arch nemesis the Green Goblin, will be the feature of an ongoing TV show. The series is currently slated for the PlayStation Network and will feature the rise of Norman Osborn beginning with his graduation from business school and being a new father. Additional cast members will include Katherine Heigl (a gender change in character as she will be known as Courtney Conner aka The Lizard), Matt Smith (as Phineas Mason aka The Tinkerer) and Michael Rosenbaum (as Dr. Spencer Smythe aka The Spider-Slayer). The series has no release date at this time.

AFJ’s Take: This is a brilliant idea in setting the story before the events turn Osborn into the Green Goblin. We do find it ironic that Dave Franco will play the father of the character his brother played, Harry Osborn, in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, but the symmetry will help the audiences connect with the character.

If you were unsure about subscribing to the PlayStation network, what better reason do you need? We aren't sure about the casting of Smith as Phineas Mason, but Heigel is a step in the right direction. This will be like watching Smallville, all over again, only with Spider-Man’s villains.

Obviously, this is a joke, Junkies. Welcome to AFJ Laughs. However, since Sony needs ideas (see the stand-alone Kraven the Hunter and Morbius (real films in pre-production)), we thought, why not add our crap-fest concoction to the mix? #AFJLAUGHS

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