Hasbro’s First Power Rangers Figure Debuts at Power Morphicon Con 2018

At the Power Morphicon on Saturday, Hasbro debuted their first official Power Rangers figure. That figure was the White Ranger (Tommy). He will arrive in stores in the Spring of 2019 ($20 in the US ( which roughly converts to £15 and AU$30)). He'll be the first of the Lightning Collection figures. The news announcement stated that these Power Ranger figures will be closer to Star Wars: The Black Series figures in style and detail. A step in the right direction for Saban and Hasbro. #AFJ4LIFE

From CNET: "Hasbro's first Power Rangers figure is a premium, highly detailed look at White Ranger Tommy Oliver.

Debuting Saturday during the Power Morphicon convention, the Power Rangers' newest owner is kicking off a Lightning Collection of 6-inch, detailed and articulated action figures that'll make use of the company's Photo Real technology to depict the show's actors. This process is the same as the one Hasbro already uses for its Star Wars: The Black Series line of figures, which brings a high level of detail to the toys.

You can get a further look at this depiction of the White Ranger in the Hasbro video below, which shows the making of the action figure along with a look at Tommy Oliver himself, whose head you can swap onto the figure". See the full story here on CNET.

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