AFJ's "INTO THE WILD" returns for its fifth episode and a whopper of one to boot! We venture into the wilds of New Jersey and have a special encounter at Farpoint Toys. The video above highlights the awe that the Keymaster, MJ Ortiz, and the Jedi Junkie, Robert Trate, had while walking through the store. Below you will find a few still images, but nothing compares to actually visiting Farpoint. This is only our first trip there, Junkies. We've been invited back and plan to bring a lot more money for our follow up visit. #AFJ4LIFE

Visit Farpoint Toys here:
(609) 829-TOYS (Mays Landing, NJ location)
1313-GET-TOYS (Our HQ)

Cobra Commander Costume
AT-ATs from the Original Kenner line as well as Hasbro's Power of the Force. 
A Cardboard Death Star from Star Wars
Kenner Style Custom Star Wars Action FiguresKenner Star Wars and Ewoks Action Figures

Return of the Jedi's Jabba the Hutt and the Cantina Adventure Playset w/ Blue Snaggletooth. 
Boxed Kenner Star Wars Toys
Metlar and the Inhumanoids
Captain Power and Battlestar Galactica Figures
Secret Wars and Marvel Toy Biz Action Figures
Secret Wars Doom's Castle and Marvel Toy Biz Action Figures
The Cobra Terror Dome
The USS Flagg and a Gentle Giant Ltd. Yak Face
Planet Eternia from the Masters of the Universe
Shogun Warriors Godzilla and Kenner's Alien
Planet of the Apes from the PlayStation
Mego Planet of the Apes Figures
Mego Star Trek Figures

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