Junkies, we are eagerly anticipating Toy Fair 2019 in the next few weeks. With that comes a lot of hopes and dreams of what we might see. Now, nothing has been more anticipated, here at AFJ HQ, than Mezco Toyz press event. We already have our passes and cannot wait to see all the goodies that will be arriving in 2019 and beyond. The one thing that we really hope to debut is the long-anticipated Batman 89 One:12 Collective. AFJ's founder, Jarrett Kruse, interview Mezco's founder, Mez Markowitz, and asked about when we would see Keaton's Batman.

From Jarrett Kruse's interview with Mez Markowitz from April of 2017, here on AFJ. 
"AFJ/MIDTOWN: Bat-junkies were desperate to know if you guys are going to produce a 1989 Keaton BATMAN that was supposedly teased a while back (I could not find a pic of it anywhere!)...

MEZ: Ok two separate things. 1989 BATMAN, the short answer is YES but he is not scheduled yet so it will be a year or two before he gets into the hopper (Read the full interview HERE)."

Now, before you become the naysayer, remember this is the 80th anniversary of the character of Batman (as well as the 30th anniversary of the 1989 film). Already Funko toys, at Toy Fair London, has debuted a slew of 80th-anniversary products. See the full list HERE on AFJ.

It is no coincidence that we placed the 89' Batman Pop! Vinyl figure first above.

However, we also know that Mezco Toyz, outside of our 1 on 1 interview, has had the 89' Batman in mind for some time. Here is an old Toy Fair booth display that AFJ's head Admin on the Facebook Page (join HERE), Rick Alia, had sent to him from Jarrett Kruse while at Toy Fair. Clearly, you can see the Batman 89' logo in the top right-hand corner.
So what could we expect from the 30th Anniversary One:12 Collective Batman?


We don't expect Mezco to over load the 89' Batman One:12 Collective with a ton of accesories. Certainly there will be a variety of hands, however, the first Batman movie didn't have Batman with a ton of gadgets. What we can count on is the Batarang (with a rope attachment) as well as the Bat Grappling Gun (with dart).

The Symbol:
If you haven't already noticed, the symbol on Batman's chest, in the 89' Batman film, is a tad different. In fact, the symbol and his outfit change a lot in Batman Returns (hopefully also coming soon). We are 100% certain that Mezco will deliver us the one from the film.

The Stand:
There can only be one stand for the One:12 89' Batman and that is the iconic logo which was everywhere in the months leading up to June 23rd, 1989 release.

Alternate Heads:
Now, this might seem odd but we really don't expect there to be an alternative head for the 89' Batman One:12. Why? The reasons are simple. First, we never saw Bruce Wayne in the outfit, sans the mask, in the first film (clearly a variant for the Batman Returns One:12 (without black circles around his eyes)). Secondly, a bloodied face Batman (top left) has all the earmarks of an exclusive variant (Comic-Con or from directly from Mezco). Thus forcing fans to purchase a second one or have the chance at getting one after the first round sells out.

If you don't already have an account with Mezco Toyz, you had better make one now. Seriously, trying to fill out all that information and payment details on the day it goes up for pre-order is futile. The item will be gone from your cart before you link your Paypal account. AFJ has seen hot items go quickly before (See our Turtle Soup discussion on NECA's TMNT SDCC 18 Exclusive Sell Out) and it is never a pretty sight.

In Closing:
If you don't know, Junkies, Toy Fair is from February 16th through the 19th. It is an industry-only event and press, fortunately, is allowed to attend. AFJ will be present at Mezco Toyz event on Saturday the 16th at 9 AM. Look for our coverage of the event here, on Instagram, and a video will be posted on our official YouTube channel. #AFJ4LIFE

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