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Another excellent entry last week into the iZOMBIE canon as The CW hit continues to impress me. Their are not a lot of shows that can keep up this level of K.I.T (Keep It Togetherness) but iZOMBIE manages to do so week in and week out without ever falling into self-parody. And I think a lot has to do with the fact as Liv, actress Rose McIver gets to sink her teeth into a new type of character for at least half an episode each week depending on whose brain she happens to "be on" during the installment. There are not many actresses that I think that can really pull that off but McIver does it like an old pro with one of the most stellar supporting casts I have seen on a genre show in a very long time. Admittedly, The Walking Dead is a little too zombie-ish for me and I gave up about four seasons in because I just could not distinguish the episodes anymore. Don't get me wrong, TWD is a brilliant show but its the needle at the redline and not being a huge fan of the whole zombie craze to begin with, iZOMBIE is most definitely more my speed.


This week we finally find out who the woman that was spying on Clive and Dale was in the car outside Babineaux's home who left the ominous "OCCUPANT" letter on his doorstep. The reason we find out is because she is this weeks victim and goes by the name of Regina Summer and is a former lover of Clive's. Before we find that out though, she is accosted in a parking lot by some random guy that tries to put a scare on her. However, Regina is not a woman you want to eff with and gives the apparent mugger more than he bargained for. Off camera though, his unseen accomplish empties a round into the mugger when they see that Regina is putting up a hell of a fight. When Liv, Ravi and Clive arrive, the stoic cop who is all business recognizes her and then sees that the revolver is one of his. Things do not look goof for Clive because he does not have much of an airtight alibi.


Babineaux is suspended for the duration of the investigation but divulges to Liv & Ravi that when they did date, Regina became completely obsessed. She is known as a "Badge Bunny" amongst police or a woman that exclusively dates cops and is turned on by the job. Something about the badge turns them on and all she wanted to do was talk about the job, wear his holster, hold his gun, etc. Finally he broke it off but she never gave up. The night before her murder, Clive left a semi-threatening message telling her to stop emailing, texting and calling or "this will not well end for you." Not exactly a smoking gun but things don't look good for Clive. The package Regina left for Clive was a faux memory album that she photoshopped Clive into. It included fake wedding announcements, invitations, doctored wedding photos, etc. Not only did she leave that for Clive, but she also took his gun to have and to hold and later ironically get killed by.

When Liv has Regina's brain on some celery and peanut butter, she becomes completely jealous and stalker-like of every move that Major makes. She accuses him of cheating and also wants to know what is inside a mini safe he keeps in his closet. The strange thing is that we see Major put some sort of strange injection device and a piece of paper in the safe early in the episode. Liv is determined to find out what is on the inside and so was I! Was it something he uses to lull the zombies he kidnaps? Is it something that keeps them alive while he has them in his special freezer? I really do not know but Liv is going crazy with jealousy.


This plot point, I found to be very interesting because I had kind of forgotten about Liv's roommate because she has been spending so much time at Major's place. She is at her regular apartment one night when her roommate GILDA shows up and Liv says how she and Major are back together. No big deal right? Wrong. See, Major knows GILDA as RITA, the woman at MAX RAGER who seduced him several times and has gone all psycho stalker on him since he got back together with Liv. So naturally GILDA/RITA is upset when Liv is being jealous and going through all of Major's Facebook posts and calling all of the girls in his life sluts. Liv is poking around and tells her roommate about a slut named RITA who is really GILDA and she's pissed saying she deserves punishment! I thought GILDA/RITA was going to attack Liv that second but decided against it because of Liv being a brain eating zombie and all. I also did not even realize that GILDA/RITA is the daughter of MAX RAGER drink mogul Vaughn Du Clark!


It is very funny when FBI Agent Dale Bozzio, goes to the M.E.'s office and gives some information to Ravi and Liv about Clive's private life and the pair realize they have no idea who Clive is outside of the Seattle PD station! He loves to cook Cajun style, loves GAME OF THRONES, etc. and both Liv and Ravi use this to their advantage to try and get the introvert cop to come out of his shell. I have to admit, Clive is a wonderfully written character and I was actually happy to hear even just the tiniest details about the by the book cop. On his case is a Detective Cavanaugh who is the scourge of the SPD and the cop that Clive least wants to be investigating him.

THS11The late Regina Summer was a wedding planner and was in the middle of suing a couple for unpaid fees despite crashing the wedding drunk and vomiting on the brides dress. Man the legal system in this country is messed up! Ravi and Liv act like an engaged couple and investigate the owners of KARMA CLEANERS where Liv gets a crazy vision when she finds out that the owner's husband is a cop. Turns out, he was another of Regina's stable of cops that she was sleeping with and made the same kind of memory book for this beat cop. This leads the dynamic duo to the "Love Lock Bridge" where couples take padlocks and secure them on the bridge with the initials of the couple. They find a bunch of "RS+" locks and even one with the initials "WP." Just who "WP" is, they have no idea and I have to say that I immediately had my suspicions that it is definitely someone inside the SPD.


In all of the fake memory books that Liv has found, there is one constant and that is the license plate of an SUV that is in the background of the same altered picture. Evidence has been stolen from Cavanaugh's desk and immediately thinks that it is Liv, Ravi or Bozzio. However, Liv is now in full stalker mode and has a location of the SUV and it turns out to be....the new police Captain whose initials are "WP." Clearly it was him that stole the evidence to save his own marriage but when he finds Liv in the back of his SUV, he has her arrested and thrown in the joint for several days. You can't help but feel bad for Liv as she is in her Department of Corrections orange jumpsuit thrown in with the dregs of society. She makes it a few days without any cranial sustenance and is about to full zombie on a cellmate that won't stop snoring when she is called to be released. After getting out of the joint, Liv shows Ravi the page she was able to steal from the Captain's scrapbook made by Regina. The ring that Regina is wearing is a memorable one that looks very familiar to both of them. As in someone they have already interviewed perhaps?


At MAX RAGER, a new doctor shows a zombie trying the new blend of drink they are concocting and it is working wonders for the zombies. Strength, stamina and speed are all increased. Later at MAX RAGER headquarters, Major is helping Du Clark when he is tapped out lifting. However when he takes a chug of the drink, he is able to lift double of what he just could not do a minute ago. Major is amazed and Vaughn gives him a few cans for his night job of disposing the wealthiest zombies of the Emerald City. I have to think that at some point, this new mixed drink is going to get in the system of a regular zombie and then another causing some kind of crazy MAX RAGER zombie legion who are stronger and faster than ever.

THS8 Figuring out who the killer of Regina didn't take a heck of a lot of detective work for me to deduce who exactly it was in the end. Even Cavanaugh chips in in the end to take the killers to the cleaners. However, this brain that Liv is still on is continuing to make her crazy jealous and Major catches her trying to get into his safe. When he opens it, the contents are different from earlier. Their is no special injection thingy but rather the engagement ring he got for Liv. You think it is over but while Major is sleeping, he gets yet another text from GILDA/RITA and Live pretends to be Major as she says, "I'm wearing that thing you like." Liv cannot help herself and has her send a pic but it is just a body in sexy lingerie. Did she then ask for a pic of her face? I guess we will find out tomorrow! Although I would love to see Liv beat the crap out of GILDA/RITA. The episode was kind of a stand alone but it was good to see Clive let down his hair so to speak. Ravi steals the show with his usual hysterical and jealousy is not a pretty color on Liv. I hope this weeks brain that she is on will be a little more fun. Oh, and where the heck was Blaine?






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