Hello Junkies, Robert Trate here the Editorial Director of AFJ. The fourth of the month is and forever will be a tough day here at AFJ HQ. It marks the anniversary of the passing of our founder, the Head Junkie in Charge, Jarrett Kruse. Today, Jarrett's mom, Dianne wanted to address all of the Junkies.

We also wanted to mark the day by releasing three articles we found in the backend of AFJ. Spider-Man was clearly one of Jarrett's favorite superheroes as he wrote a review of Spider-Man: Homecoming and two Top 10 action figure pieces on old Web-Head (linked below). These were slated for last summer and never published. The top 10 lists are complete, however, they don't have Jarrett's reasoning for each figure. On sight alone, you can see why he picked them.

We also found a gem of a video, where Jarrett explains the origins of AFJ in his stand-up routine. Posted below.

But first... Mama Junkie.

Dianne KruseFrom Mama Junkie,

This note goes out to ALL of you who Papa Junkie and I consider to be the AFJ Family.  It has been eight weeks today since we lost our son, our “Captain Junkie”, “Head Junkie in Charge” and founder of Action Figure Junkies; a place where collectors could go and know that they found a place where they could share a common bond with so many thousands... Action Figures.

Jarrett, we know, was born loving superheroes.  Little did we know back then how much love would be put into this passion.  I remember one of his first Halloween’s when he got to choose his costume...of course, it was Batman.  He was so excited.  It was a day he never forgot.  His collection of superheroes grew so quickly that they took on a life of their own.  Jarrett would rather have superheroes in his room than furniture or even his bed!!  So the collection began and never stopped.  I would sometimes think to myself that maybe this was just a phase he was going through, but I came to realize that this so-called phase was forever to be Jarrett’s life passion.

So Papa Junkie and I have been thinking about how Jarrett would feel knowing that all of you are out there “together” like a family working to keep AFJ going and growing.  We are so grateful to all of you ...his dream is unending... his dream is coming true.  It would be remiss of us not to mention some of Jarrett’s main Junkies who have given their time, sweat, and many tears to keep this dream alive.  First, MJ, Stephanie, and Logan.  You are now the backbone of AFJ and MJ although you can’t talk to Jarrett twenty times a day on the phone you are a part of his being and he loved you like another brother.  You and Stephanie and Logan are now and forever family.  Jason, Captain Junkie’s brother,  he would be so thrilled that AFJ is now such a big part of your life and will continue to be forever. One of Jarrett’s dreams was to have his older brother become the artist for AFJ...that dream has come true.  Bob T., Evan L, Josh, Jason M, Rick A, RJ, and Christina, we can’t thank you enough for your ongoing love and belief in AFJ.  Lastly, Ross, our nephew, who has given from his heart and misses the laughter, fun, and love he shared with his “frousin”, we love you.  All of you have been so supportive.  Getting through these last eight weeks has been so very difficult, but how lucky we are that Jarrett found all of you and left us knowing that we will all be connected forever by this amazing dream that he worked 24/7 on every day and even passed doing what he loved best...working on Action Figure Junkies.  We love you, Jarrett...You will always be our Head Junkie in Charge.  Forever and ever, Mama and Papa Junkie

By Jason Kruse, Jarrett's brother. The image above is by Jarrett's brother, Jason Kruse.

The following video was recorded February 13th, 2017. Here Jarrett works in the creation of Action Figure Junkies into his stand-up routine.





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