The opening hum of the theme to the film that started the Summer Movie Blockbuster Event season is known the world over. Just a few bars of it out loud at the beach will usually rally the next measure of music by a friend. Then its full on John Williams with people chiming in with the proverbial horn section. And one superstitious and fussy mother, shushing you, saying "not in front of the kids!" But it lingers. So long as there are men and the ocean, it will always linger thanks to a mop-topped kid director by the name of Spielberg that changed the way we will ever look at man and beast. And it only took 40 years for their finally to be some toys for Junkies to play with! Finally, kids can go to the beach and play out their favorite scenes from the titular horror classic. If you were lucky enough to get the SDCC '15 Exclusive, you won't even need to bring ketchup for Quint!


I really have to rave about this set because if the ReACTION line was made for a certain time period, I would say that this is right at the beginning that we started seeing these types of figures back in the day. In fact, probably not for another five years or so so having them as a great collector's item all these years later is really a very cool payoff to have. Chief Brody, Quint & Hooper never looked so good in their 3.75" glory and the likenesses of the actors are the best I have yet seen from a ReACTION figure. I mean even from across the room, you can tell its Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, and Richard Dreyfuss. It is spot on and as a collector that loves a company that keeps an eye on detail, I love that FUNKO is striving to do better with each wave of figures. I wanted to make sure that I got a good shot of the packaging because it is so retro spot on. It has an almost faded, and been sitting in the garage too long used sheen to it which is exactly what I think they are going for. You toy scene re-creators can rejoice as this will be the father and son beach project of the summer as any old boat will do in the beach toy section at TOYS R US. From there its just out to a little knee-deep water, a warning from a lifeguard and you're good to go!

funko-reaciton-jaws-1024x550I wanted to save the best for last with "Bruce" the shark. Yes, that it was they called the behemoth that was notorious on set for not cooperating on any shot he was in, Bruce. This is the real coups of the line because what are the characters without the monster and vice versa? Each is half monster and the other just human or just being what they are, a killer. A precise machine made for one purpose. Perhaps the greatest film villain that never utters a single line of dialogue and film aficionado's would not have it any other way. The shark is marked as 10-inches but I think from mouth to tail it is definitely a clear foot. The packaging again kills it and although the front window box is the highlight, its the back of the box that had me as an old school collector. Everything from the font "COLLECT THEM ALL!" with pics of who else is available in the line to the iconic JAWS logo above one of the final pics of the film just as Captain Brody is about to take the beast down. The finisher is the quote scrawled across the top of the box, "You yell shark, and we got a panic on our hands on the Fourth of July." Just classic all the way around.

jaws-funko-packaging sdcc-funkojawss

So at less than ten bucks a figure and an awesome iconic piece of Americana for under $20, this is the ultimate in Action Figure Junkieism. That's right I said it, Junkieism. And if you were lucky enough to get the SDCC '15 FUNKO Exclusive that includes a half-eaten Quint with blood to boot, I salute you Con warriors for braving the lines. Some didn't...well, some didn't make it back. Anyway, JAWS is fresher than ever thanks to my retro-pals at FUNKO so a big thank you again to Yoko, Mark & Brian for not leaving AFJ in their wake! The Junkies thank you! And Bruce thanks you! I'm gonna go get some ketchup and head to the pool...


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