<Real Name Classified> was the head of the line at the FTTF and the best childhood friend of Victor Henry Teven the IV, heir to the Fun Town fortune. Taking the brunt of the blast of Formula 613, Captain Junkie realizes that his best friend Victor has created a divisive line of right and wrong. The action figure world will never be the same as he evolves further into Captain Junkie, leader of the AFJ movement.


Victor Henry Teven the IV (VHTF), is the rightful heir to the Fun Town Toy Co. fortune. While profits are steady, Victor continues to try to manipulate the action figure market by trying to make all of their toys "rare" thus artificially inflating their market value. When he plants a bomb of Formula 613 at his own factory to raise their stock prices through the roof, SCALPER is born!


John Ferguson was always the guy you wanted helping you out at the Fun Town Toy Co. when it comes to articulation. After the blast of Formula 613, "Fergs" became BALLJOINT, an action Figure with unlimited points of articulation making him the perfect foil against Scalper & the League of Scammers.


Maxwell Lee has been on the internet since he could crawl. As head of IT at the company, Max becomes a human wi-fi spot as a result of the bomb. Now, he handles all of the Junkies comms and is constantly trying to infiltrate the LOS network.


Sheri Lerman was the buttoned up head of quality control at the FTTC before the accident. Now she is a skin tight suit wearing badass that has taken her love of all things toys and their presentation to a whole new level of mint.


Farley Fenwick was the anti-Lerman, an aggressive businesswoman for the 21st century. However, the 613 tonic turned her into a repellent for male action figures leaving her constantly but futilely trying to find a mate. The only male impervious to her powers is SCALPER.


"Shatz" was a local kid with a minor disability that never stopped him from doing anything. The little right hand man of Goodstein wants nothing more than to work in toys like his father figure when he grows up. Shatz becomes KID POW after the blast and has the strength of 10 kids.


The Landan brothers, the twin Chicago natives that moved to the FTTC as a technical science duo became estranged with the competing visions of the company. While Eric & Steve became CHASE & THE VARIANT, each had to pick a side in the epic struggle of the AFJ. CHASE is a speedster with "tunnel vision" and THE VARIANT is a shapeshifter that can alter his appearance.


Dayne Madison was a local hero because of his record setting college football playing days. Now the former star back on both sports & academic scholarships (Reverse Toy Engineering, Chemistry) is in charge of deciding which figures are considered rare for the FTTC. The 613 compound turns him into an investigative machine that is able to determine the "short-pack" of any given investigation.


Mego Maxwell was a Samoan bodyguard before moving to the Big City. His job on the line was to secure the FTTC's signature clamshell packaging, impervious to tears or rips. Unfortunately Mego is now forever encased in his own encasement as CLAMSHELL!


Arlo Ortiz is the best logistics man in the toy game in charge of millions of Action Figure shipments from the FTTC. Arlo's dream of becoming a masked crime fighter are realized when he unknowingly delivers the very package that will turn him into THE SHIPPER!


Jameson Thomas was an Ex-Con part of the "Build a Better Figure" program for toy industry worker rehabilitation. A former prize fighter, the dopey Thomas gains massive strength and goes from being an Ex-Con to a CON-EX(CLUSIVE)!


Bateman Wells is a longtime FTTC employee whose obsession with packaging and accessories is legendary. When the blast enhances his ability to triangulate his patented J-Card's, he becomes a master of grappling hooks and all things utility belt related.


The Troll

Lionel Liossis was the custodian of the Fun Town Toy Company. Unfortunately, for Lionel, he called in sick the day the other heroes and villains of the Junkieverse were granted their powers. Forever enraged, he stalks them on both sides trolling them for his own dark schemes.

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