Composer: Michael Giacchino
Label: BackLot Music (Universal Studios)
Run Time: 1hour, 20 minutes (digital copy)

How can Michael Giacchino do what he does? If you unfamiliar with the composer, you have undoubtedly heard his music in the past few years. He composed the score to the first Incredibles, Inside Out, Coco, and Up. Yes, all Pixar films, but did you know he also composed Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the last two Planet of the Apes films, all three of the most recent Star Treks, not to mention (but I’ll do it anyway) Doctor Strange and Spider-Man: Homecoming? This Summer, besides scoring Incredibles 2 he followed up his Jurassic World score with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (the films were released one week apart).

BackLot Music released both a hard copy and digital copy to the sequel to Jurassic World. The film, obviously part of the Jurassic Park Saga, borrows heavily from the master film composer, John Williams. Williams, who composed both the original film and its first sequel, is barred none untouchable. Giacchino paid a fantastic tribute to the man borrowing heavily his Jurassic Park themes for Jurassic World. That is not the case this time around. Certainly, you are thinking, "I want that classic theme (despite owning it already)". Fear not, it is included here (track #26). What I found was more of a departure from Williams, and only dropping subtle music cues when needed. 

“The Theropod Preservation Society” (track #2) is what I now consider classic Giacchino. Sweet, uplifting, and haunting. He only gives us a few notes of the Jurassic Park theme but pulls them back to play into the mood of the scene. Yes, it was a fantastic, albeit majestic idea, but that time has passed. 

“Volcano to Death” (track #12) is that scene, the one that moviegoers are either complaining about or tearing up for. Giacchino could have gone all original Jurassic Park score here, turned it on its ear and made it completely horrific. Instead, as with track #2, he reminds us that the dream is over. It’s hauntingly good.

“Operation Blue Blood” (track #13) brings us back to track #2 and really focuses our attention on the theme for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Saving Owen’s Raptor, “Blue” is an intimate scene where we see, again, just how wonderful these creatures are and now it’s man that they are in peril from. Giacchino hits us with a soft piano, clarinet, and a chorus to show our characters humanity and that they are the only ones that will protect these dinosaurs.

“Jurassic Pillow Talk” (track #14) is our villain's theme or better yet, the big business of selling dinosaurs. Which is unique because we really haven’t had a full-on villain in the Jurassic Park Saga until this film. Certainly, we have opportunists, but not a villain like the one here. This track often reminded me of Giacchino’s Rogue One score.

Soundtracks and movie scores are a niche thing, much like collecting action figures here on AFJ. We love our soundtracks and play them often in the office while we work. It’s bringing the movie to life and Giacchino is rapidly becoming our new favorite. How can he not? Look at his recent body of work. 

Digital Copy Track List: 

1. This Title Makes Me Jurassic (2:54)

2. The Theropod Preservation Society (3:47)

3. Maisie and the Island (2:07)

4. March of the Wheatley Cavalcade (2:14)

5. Nostalgia-Saurus (1:05)

6. Double Cross to Bear (2:31)

7. Lava Land (3:16)

8. Keep Calm and Baryonyx (2:46)

9. Go With the Pyroclastic Flow (3:43)

10. Gyro Can You Go? (2:16)

11. Raiders of the Lost Isla Nublar (3:20)

12. Volcano to Death (1:38)

13. Operation Blue Blood (3:43)

14. Jurassic Pillow Talk (2:47)

15. How to Pick a Lockwood (3:10)

16. Wilting Iris (1:11)

17. Shock and Auction (2:28)

18. Thus Begins the Indo-Rapture (3:41)

19. You Can Be So Hard-Headed (2:28)

20. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Free (3:29)

21. There’s Something About Maisie (1:20)

22. World’s Worst Bedtime Storyteller (2:27)

23. Declaration of Indo-Pendence (4:02)

24. To Free or Not to Free (3:00)

25. The Neo-Jurassic Age (3:33)

26. At Jurassic World’s End Credits/Suite (10:55)

9 Total Score

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