Just 10 Awesome Raiders of the Lost Ark Toys

We're keeping it to just toys, Junkies. This means the likes of Sideshow Collectibles, Hot Toys, Gentle Giant or anything of the like. Many would think that a property at the magnitude of Indiana Jones would have more if not better toys. Certainly, Kenner made a push back in 1982. When Kingdom of the Crystal Skull arrived in 2008, a whole slew of action figures and toys arrived for the new Indy film as well as the previous 3. Yet when Kingdom of the Crystal Skull didn't connect like original films, the toy lines vanished. As toy enthusiasts, we remember both the Kenner line as well as the '08 Hasbro line. These are "Just 10 Awesome Raiders of the Lost Ark Toys", there are plenty more. Just keep digging. #AFJ4LIFE

Kenner Raiders of the Lost Ark Toys Figures (1982-1983)
Kenner's original toys for Raiders of the Lost Ark seemed like a sure-fire bet. Here George Lucas reteamed with the company that was making Star Wars figures add replicated the model. There were improvements such as action, cloth outfits, and articulation. Indy had three figures in the release (one came with the map room) and Belloqu had a mail-away figure (last one on the right). Obviously, it did not connect with fans like the citizens of a sci-fi cantina, droids, and faceless soldiers. The best thing about this line is that it is obtainable, for a price.

Kenner Raiders of the Lost Ark Toys The Well of Souls Playset - 1982

I'll say this, the box is really cool it sets up a great scene from the film. That being said, you better have a nice backdrop and some sand for this playset because it is very basic, though intricate. Intricate because it even has the R2-D2 and C-3PO cameo worked into the pillars. 

Kenner’s Raiders of the Lost Ark Toys: Map Room Adventure Set - 1982

Again, really basic and the box does fool you into thinking you get the whole map room. I believe that with a little creativity and a window box you could construct your own map room. Again, Kenner made a leap from their standard Star Wars style releases with a Medallion lens you could look through to see where the Ark was. The map room also came with Indy in disguise. Outside of a few Sears retail exclusives, no Star Wars release came with a figure. 

Indiana Jones Raiders of The Lost Ark Action Figures Battle Pack - Cairo Ambush - Target Exclusive - 2008
We love our exclusives, we really do and this Target "Cario Ambush" allowed us to not only get Indy, Marion, and Monkey Man but two of the hired goons that the Germans employed. They were not released individually, so this was the only way you could add them to your collection. 


Official Hasbro Product Description: Just in time for the 30th anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Hasbro excavates an entire “lost wave” of the fan-favorite 2008 INDIANA JONES line as a Comic-Con special edition Collector’s Pack! Each pack includes INDY IN GERMAN DISGUISE (with rocket launcher), SAPITO (with torch and backpack), CLASSIC INDY (with pistol, Idol, sandbag, torch and logo base), MARION (with snakes and torch), GERMAN MECHANIC (with removable hat and wrench) and TOHT (with medallion, hot poker, removable overcoat and alternate “melting” head). Complete your INDIANA JONES collection with this collectible box set featuring six individually carded toys! (Original Retail Price: $64.99)

We supplied the official description for this "Lost Wave" of Indiana Jones figures that made their Comic-Con debut just 3 years after the film was released. The TOHT with "melting" head is a must have as well as having Alfred Molina's SAPITO. With a property such as Indiana Jones, one has to wonder who was in charge of this at Hasbro. It seemed as if was really mismanaged as these figures are now well sought after by collectors who never had the opportunity to buy them. FYI, currently this set is fetching for nearly $400 and Indy alone is $80.

Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Desert Convoy Truck (1A) - Kenner - 1982 & Hasbro Indiana Jones Raiders of The Lost Ark Cargo Truck - Hasbro - 2008

This one is a tie between two releases of the exact same item. Kenner released the Desert Convoy Truck has dinner Hasbro, albeit an updated version. It's such an iconic moment and practically a necessity if you are celebrating toys from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Fertility Idol - Indiana Jones Mighty Muggs - SDCC 2008 Exclusive
There have been numerous renditions of the Fertility Idol released. Everything from Sideshow Collectibles to PVC banks. We decided to go with the unorthodox Mighty Mugg one as it was one from the San Diego Comic-Con the year the film was released. The film had already been released and this was something that die-hard Indy fans sought after.

Indiana Jones Action Figures Wave 1 - Hasbro- 2008
The whole first wave was perfect. We had Ravenwood, Indiana Jones, Cairo Swordsman, Sallah, Belloq, German Soldier with Gun, Monkey Man with Monkey already to live out the Raiders adventure. It was smart to have Raiders in the initial wave of figures with wave 2 released simultaneously Kingdom of the Crystal Skull figures. It had to help boost sales. These were the easy ones to get, unlike wave 4 (Temple of Doom).

Large Size Indiana Jones Action Figure - Kenner - 1981

This was an is still a must-have for Indiana Jones fans. I was fortunate to have both Indy and Han Solo, so yes two Harrison Ford dolls. The funny thing was one had blue eyes and the other had green eyes. True story! The accessories were great, just don't get Indy's fedora wet, it was easily ruined after that.

Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures (SNES) - 1994
Come on, you didn't think we were going to put that horrendous Atari Game in here, did you? Released in 1994, well before we ever thought there would be another Indy movie, this game, by Factory 5 and LucasArts, was all three movies in one cartridge! Unlike Super Star Wars, Super Empire Strikes Back, and Super Return of the Jedi, you had to play all three of Indy's adventures to finish the game. This was hard, trust me, and Mola Ram was a nightmare to defeat. I included the entire first level, Raiders, below.

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